Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday January something, 2007

Ok I checked...Its the 21st. How the Hell did that happen??? Wow. January is almost gone! Yay!!!!
My menfolk went to Mont Blanc yesterday for skiing and had a very cold time of it but fun nonetheless. The ski instructor for the kids class took them indoors twice to warm them up. They were bundled with helmets , hot hoods, neckwarmers, long johns, special cold weather socks etc etc etc but it was minus ten Celcius here in town and, so, colder and windier in the mountains. Brrrr.
I on the other hand had a blissfully silent day here in the house, BLISSFULL, I tell ya. I changed out of my jammies only to put on warmer ones. HA. Then I read, sipped coffee, talked on phone, snuggled kitties, flushed a fish, got bored and started laundry..LOL
That was the guilt kicking in actually. I also ran the vacuum and took it downstairs to its closet. But that was IT for housework...seriously.
I listlessly knit on Ben's sock and also matched socks from my missing socks basket (oops housework). I made about ten pair or so and the level dropped in a most satisfactory way. Eventually the guys got home and I cooked for the kids (of course Ben didn't eat) and then we all settled in teh TV room for some StarGate on DVD and I knit like mad all evening. Heel is turned and gusset in progress. Ben's sock will be finished TODAY/tonight.
Gotta go to the fish place to get some aquarium peat to lower our water Ph. Ammonia also tested as high so I added more Cycle.
Maybe this is what did in poor Scrub. Live and learn. Here is video footage of folk that have lived and learned to not drive on ice without winter tires. Fender benders in Portland. Watch it with the sound on and feel their pain. OOoh...eeep...whoa!!!


Knitted said...

Hello you,

How are you ? I see from the blog that things are going well. I am the one you met at SNB at Effiloché. Were you there last week? Are you going to be there this week ?


Suldog said...

It generally sounds good, but... flushed a fish? That sounds sort of sad :-(

Whaledancer said...

I'll be there Andre-Anne.