Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Pair of socks numero deux

This is a picture of what Ben's socks are looking like. This is sock one, after the turning of the heel and during gusset (the bendy part so its not a straight tube). The color is not quite true thanks to the flash. Its a bit darker/richer. I took the pic this morning with my hand in the sock.
We had lots of snow yesterday so Iemailed the shop to let them know my MPRC shift wouldn't be filled. Then I stayed in most of the day to knit. I say MOST. I did venture out to a Terrebonne shop for sock yarn ( Husband and surprise wild birthday sox for my brother. He LOVES homemade sox.) And to Bureau En Gros for toner. And to Walmart right next door, looking for a particualr calender because I have no freaking idea of the date these days. No calendar but I got something else I needed. Then I stopped at Zellers on my way back looking for size 2.75mm bamboo needles but their smallest was 3mm. Pooh. BUT I did find heaps of 100% merino wool yarn in grey or grey blue or navy or brown or ivory. I will be back for you my darlings. You will be felted slippersock booties!! (www.knitty.com Fuzzy Feet pattern) Marked down for clearance, $5 from 7 something. All of these stops were not very far from home and good thing because driving was HORRID. I should not have gone out but the call of the yarn was strong in me, since it was Husband's pay day.

I will finish sock one, pictured above, today and possibly have sock two done on Thursday night. My hands are a wee bit stiff from all this tiny needle knittyness but..I..cannot..stop..

The fish seem recovered from Ick if that is what the white spots were. Now I see algae starting on the glass. ARGH. The filter is back to running with a proper cartridge/pad now that medication time is over. The polywool kept the tank pretty much particle free during the Med time when apparently, according to the instructions on med, you shouldn't use carbon filtering , which our filter pads have. Time to turn the temperature back a wee bit and maybe turn the lights off more. And get a Plecostomus to sucker off lots of algae. Etc etc etc.

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