Friday, January 26, 2007

Uh Oh

Another dead fish but this time it was one of Ben's swordtails, the bully known as Sword. Fishy is still doing fine. Dyson the bushy nose pl*co is a busy bee compared to Scrub's lethargic short existance. We actually see him actively foraging rather than just hanging there and almost every day a plant is found floating on the surface of the water so we know he's been hard at work rooting things up! Loach One and Loach Two still do their kookie little swimming upright thing that tickles us to no end. Angel is growing already! It was a very small angel fish when we got him less than a month ago. It seems bigger to me and is very hungry at feeding times.
But i will have to tell Ben that Sword is gone to the Summerlands and that is bound to go badly even though we have repeatedly mentioned that fish do tend to keel over for no apparent reason. Not looking forward to that.
On a happy note...the satellite TV is AWESOME. The kids are thrilled except now we are bickering over whose turn it is to watch a show. Ben was gracious and mature and gave up watching an episode of YuGiOh so that his dear Mom could drool over Mike Holmes on Holmes On Holmes. I love that show and haven't seen it in over 18 months. He is like a big defender of screwed over homeowners. He also reminds me a little bit of my brother, the contractor, but seems much less cranky and is bigger and stronger an soooo manly. Not that my brother isn't manly but he's my brother and not Mike Holmes. Such a burly yummy man. Ben enjoyed the show because they get to rip apart stuff and we see them fix everything. I always say "Hey, I betcha Uncle Ian does that too" or "Hey check that out!" when they do something neato. Very cool.
Today the Boys are not in school, per se, but are attending Service De Garde because since there is no school today they are going coasting at this hill here in town that has the inflatable donuts and a sytem that hauls you back up the hill. They took extra mittens, socks, hats, and lunch and snacks. I am aaaalll alone for the day..heeheeeheeeee. I'm gonna watch TV and doodle about on the 'puter, and make a stuffed pork loin for supper. Want the recipe? Ok here you go:
Mince onion, garlic and celery and sautee in a pan with butter or oil of choice. Remove to bowl and deglaze the pan with wine or apple juice. Put that in the bowl too as well as finely chopped apple (or some cranberries or dried fruit like raisin or chopped dried apricot or a combination of any), some ground pork or sausage meat or chopped bacon, cubed bread, some thyme, a bit of dry mustard, salt and pepper, and if its too dry add a bit of beef broth. Mix that all up. This is your stuffing for the pork loin (one pound).
Butterfly the pork loin and pound it flat and open with a mallet or rolling pin. Using some blanched cabbage leaves, line the loin with them and then put on the stuffing and commence to rolling up the loin. Using butcher string or skewers, secure the roll to keep it from un-rolling, rub the outside with a good rub or drape it with bacon and then roast for 50 minutes at 325 degree oven or until browned and juices run clear. You can serve this with a sauce or something or just as is with your side dishes. This is supper's main dish tonight. Let me know if you try my recipe and if'n ya liked it. Play with it and make it your own.


Suldog said...

Ugh. I would expect there is almost nothing in the world NOT to look forward to less than telling a kid a pet has died. Good luck!

Whaledancer said...

He took it very well since it was the bully fish. If it had've been the gentler swordtail (Fishy) I could have had an all out tearfest on my hands. ;oP