Thursday, January 18, 2007

Grrrrrrrrrrrr and Stash

So, as I have blathered incessantly about, I have learned some of the mysteries of knitting socks. For that I am thrilled. Tickled. Joyous. Proud.
What thrills me NOT is the fact that by knitting two pair of socks using the same weight yarn, same size needles, same pattern and number of stitches...I have one pair that barely fits (Cameron) and one pair that is slightly too big and thus perfect..well one half of the pair anyways since I only cast on sock 2 of Ben's pair today. But I am seriously considering ripping Cammie's socks apart and doing them over. ARGH
Almost 20 bucks for that yarn and the just barely fit...GRRRRR. POOP!

I officially have a stash now. I always did but it was far too tiny to call a stash. A small cache maybe. Because of the Zellers marked down merino I have several skeins of merino now in 5 colors. I think I have 9. I couldn't help it..I had to free it from the blasphemous clutches of Zellers and their love of all yarns acrylic! It deserved BETTER. So now it is in its new home, my teak box/side table beside my chair in the living room with lavender essential oil drenched cotton pads tucked in for moth repellant, cohabitating with Fleece Artist hand dyed, Delia Burge handspun and dyed, my own hand spun that I can't seem to use because I just keep holding the small balls thinking " I spun this yarn with my own two hands..Trinity had such lovely chocolate brown fleece...sigh...". Thus those small bits are actually balls of memory and not simply yarn. The wool for Ben's slipper's (on the needles since xmas) is in there too as are the left overs from Richard's earflap hat (Twilleys of Stamford "Freedom"). Effiloche carries this brand and maybe at some point I will get some and combine leftovers and new stuff for something lovely and soooo soooofft.
I also have some Phildar " Confetti " sock yarn for Richard's socks and maybe a pair for a surprise gift to big bro. We shall see how that goes. And Cameron's leftovers from those socks that just fit...GRRR..
So much for thinking happy thoughts.
Today's To Do: Get aquarium glass scrubber thingy for this algae. Its too much for Scrubby.
Move freezer to play room so that there is room in the laundry room for the upstairs litter box.
Vacuum the downstairs and then haul it upstairs and do the main floor.
Maybe find more laundry hidden upstairs to be done..again.
Bathrooms? Kitchen...? ugh.
I need a nap already.

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