Tuesday, January 30, 2007

9:30 pm update

The slippers are done and I was only short about a foot or two of yarn so the yarn change is not noticeable. Thats the good news. The bad news is that after two runs in the washer (hotwash/coldrinse) and a trip through the dryer they have NOT felted as expected. This perturbs me since other things have felted for me before. Grr..stupid front loading washer.
I sit in utter perturbitude..
Cameron accomplished his mission on apology, writing lines, and missing tv, computer and gameboy for the day. He has done well, my little grasshopper, and has been made to understand thet th Eff word is not for younglings such as he and the another episode such as this will result in much eating of soap as his mouth is washed out. I know, he wrote it, but washing his hands doesn't seem a bad enough punishment. Humor me.
We lost Fishy the Swordtail yesterday. She too was given a nice toilet side ceremony. That leaves us 6 fish in the aquarium and one in Ben's room. I will be glad when this thing sorts itself out and YES I know you told me not to get fish until it had been running for a month, Scrappybear. Losing a fish a week is my just punishment. Unless you are the fish and then it seems very unjust. I'm not complaining I'm just sayin'...lost another fish.
Uuuum..hmm...slippers..fish..punishing bad children...Yup That covers it for tonight. Rest well and be awesome. G'nite.


Suldog said...


Been there, but didn't have a word for it. Thank you.

Scrappytbear said...

I'm laughing quietly at your taking your punishment like a big girl. It's a cycle. It'll pass. I hope you have fish when it's over. But it will be over. And it might be the fish. Schools, I say! Schools!