Thursday, January 25, 2007

Might Require Diapers

We...have...REAL..TV...again. The gods of TV and all that is good about it have blessed this home by making Husband order satellite. The reception is...glorious. The color, the definition, the former blurry snowy forms that we now call PEOPLE. Oh sweet gods of entertainment, I bow low and thank you for your bounty. My brain is melting into happy TVwatcher sludge as we speak and I have so much fix getting...I mean..catching up to do that I dasn't leave the sofa. Seriously...this may call for adult sized diapers. 18 months without good tv..over.
No HBO for me right now though.
I refuse to pay an extra 16 bucks for a theme package I don't want, just to get one channel. But i did pay an extra 2.50 for National Geographic channel and an extra $5 for the package that had Discovery Kids so Ben would stop crying. He reeeeeally wanted the Discovery Kids channel. And its semi could I refuse?
Oh the excitement of it all.
Tomorrow I get High Speed internet.......oh gods of internetted goodness I bow down loooow before thee........

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Tigerlily said...

I love National Geographic channel! It's great for the kids too.