Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday morning.yawwwwwwwwnnnnnn

All week I keep saying to myself "gotta get to bed earlier" and all week its been 11 or later. Thats odd because as I have aged I have become quite the non-night owl. Gone are the days of partying it up until 3 and bouncing out of bed, still slightly hammered, to attend class or go to work. Not that happened a lot...the work thing. I was responsible enough that it was only once or twice. Nowadays, I sometimes go to bed at the same time as the boys, sometimes earlier but not very much later than them. This week has bee an exception and I am TIRED. Twice I went back to bed after they went to school. Husband Man didn't make the coffee early enough for me to have imbibed sufficient to keep me conscious. Today, he did. Thank gods. Cup two and the eyes are not forcing them selves open quite as hard.
SOCK NEWS: I conquered the gusset. I think.. Anyways, on Sock two in all its beauty and fewer mistakes, I decided that no stinkin' gusset was gonna stop me, man, and so I continued with the pattern, following the seemingly nonsensical instructions and what looked like a disaster on sock 1 straightened itself out on sock 2. So maybe if I had kept going on sock one I would not be sharing this break through. Any hoo, I put the sock on Cameron this morning and have about 2 inches of knitting until toe decrease time. I can hardly wait. *squee*. So excited to finish both socks.
Cam noticed my knitting yesterday as I sat in my special chair in the corner with the confiscated floor lamp behind lit so I could see well, and he asked what I was knitting. "A sock" I replied. He touched it, said Cool, and asked who the socks were for and I said " You" and he grinned and said " Oh thats so sweet'. LOL I asked if he liked the colors and he replied in the affirmative. He's a boy who likes his coziness. He's very tactile, from a young age.
I can't wait to start my next pair, this time for Ben. He is more fussy about how things fit and feel but I think he will enjoy Mommy Made socks. Gotta get more yarn though...mwahahahahaha.
Tonight is the stitch n bitch at Effiloche on St Hubert. Wonder what they have in stock for sockses.......
I think two of the fish have Ick..I saw teensy white specks on the sworfishes tails, 3 on one, one on the other. Need Ick treatment for them so off I go to pet shop later this morning. And to the drugstore..and grocery store. Maybe no yarn for me til payday I am thinking.


Tigerlily said...

I've been staying up too late too. It's making mornings quite miserable, at least until I smell the coffee.

Scrappytbear said...

Staying up so late is ruining my life! RUINING I say! LOL Lets all agree to bed by 9! Oh wait...that's when GOOD TV starts! *sigh*