Thursday, January 25, 2007


I made bread yesterday for the first time in almost two weeks. Mostly I was perturbed because it wasn't very appreciated by the younglings..It doesn't taste or look like store bought so they don't want it. Husband Man's suggesstion was to find a way to make it less crumbly so he can slice it thinner and also make the loaves smaller. I thought I'd have to add gluten but my wonderful friend Barbara suggested another egg and adding (poison)white flour. So my bread now has 3 eggs, some white flour(poison), and some hot milk added. I also was more diligent on the raising time for the second rise...not allowed to get too big because big bread means bigger bubbles means crumbly. Also, watched the baking time. Too long makes the bread a bit dryer and you don't want that.
The verdict..perfection. 3 loaves of perfection. And a burned finger.
Ben's socks are DONE. They turned out terrific, both socks. I sat and watched Battlestar Gallactica season one dvds yesterday afternoon and knit . Then I cast on Husband's sock, got it started, set it aside and attacked the vacuuming. Husband went into a fit of tidying yesterady so I took the hint that my slacker house keeping ways were not cutting it. :oD But the bonus to that is, he tidied up a bit for me. Woo hoo. Then I swept in:vacuummed, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, made bread, and did some laundry. When he came home he was all "Wow you were busy today the house looks great!" which is weird cuz all I did was vacuum (like I don't do that several times a week usually thanks to the pets and kids). He thought I had mopped too, which I had inteded all good intentions, got set aside . The kitchen floor could dearly use it thats for sure, living with the Mr SpillyPantses in this house is murder on a white tile floor. When I redo that floor, its gonna be much more cammouflaged! Mwahahahahaha. Same with the cabinet doors. No white! But the walls have to stay light because otherwise the kitchen would be a little galley style CAVE .
Knit circle update: Effiloche is this Friday night. I LOVElovelovelove this place. I want to move in. Ginette is holding the Winter 2006 Interweave Knits for me because it has a pattern I need in order to attempt a different pattern. It is sooooo beautiful. Called The Arwen sweater, as in Arwen from LOTR, a knitter created A Sweater For Merry..a baby sweater with the Celtic cabling from the Arwen pattern by Kate Gilbert. Its absolutely to die for and the link is available on Yarn Harlot's blog. I had a dream just before woke that I was pregnant and in labor, the babies name was to be Gabriella Louise(gahbriella not gaybriella) or something masculine that I now can't remember. How weird is that. If Cameron had been a girl he was to be Genieve Louise ( gshyawnyev not jen-eev). The Louise is for Husband's deceased mother. Turns out, when I woke up, I really really had to go pee. Anyone who has ever been preggers can feel me on that...the feeling of a very very full bladder is very very prevalent in the last stages of pregnancy. All that pressure.
I get satellite TV today! Clear reception, multi channels, fewer video rentals from sheer boredom...its all good. We will have cartoons again!!! I so happy..I mean..the KIDS are so happy..ahem I don't watch cartoons..really. Bell Express Vu man will arrive sometime this afternoon.. I'm gonna have HGTV again (shuddering blissful moan oooooohhhhh Mike Holmes), And music videos again ( oh how I miss music videos) and educational TV like History channel and maybe National Geographic channel. And Space again. Thats Husband's demand..MUST get the package that has Space channel.... But none of the packages in the cheapo deal have HBO. I NEED HBO because they will be making a series based on George RR Martin's Fire And Ice series of books. I think it was HBO..I must check SpaceMonkey Pants again. Also, I like the show Weeds.
I am nagging to go to the movies soon. Smokin' Aces look excellent! And not just because Ryan Reynolds is in it..really. ****drifts off on a silent reverie on Ryan Reynolds******
Where was I...
I think that is all. As you were and be safe out there.


Suldog said...

Oh, my. How can anyone not like home-baked bread? When I was a kid, that was one of the most intoxicating smells there was. Still is.

Whaledancer said...

Exactly! I begged my mother to bake bread (she didn't know how). These guys are so spoiled..its gotta slice just right blah blah blah.
But I have really out done myself this time. Mwhahahahaha