Sunday, December 31, 2006

New "Toy"

Awhile back I got a 20 gallon aquarium from Nathalie. Once I figured out what was what and washed everything, scraping and scrubbing and rinsing..blah blah blah, it was readyish. Yesterday I set 'er up!!! Taaaahhh daaaaaahhhh!
This is quite fun you know. We have been looking at fishies and I have compiled a list. I hav two airstones for lotsa bubbles..I like bubbles. And the opening and closing treasure chest was annoying so now its been adjusted to stay open. We had to buy a new heater, the old one wasn't heating. Richard found the old pump too noisy so he demanded anew , more powerful but almost silent pump. Who am I to say no???! Especially since he was all"No aquarium" and now he's picking things out and testing Ph and wanting Angelfish. hahahahahahahaha Aquarium conquers hard ass..News at 11.
So this is what I turn to the right and look at 10 feet away, while sitting here at the computer. Don't you feel like you're here??

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