Tuesday, January 30, 2007

10:30 am and already What a Day!

So, my 8 yr old says to me this morning as I lovingly prepare homemade pancakes from scratch at 7:20 am, "Mommy I have something to tell you" and you know that can't be good. Turns out that yesterday he got whats called a Billet Gris (Bee-yay gree), or a Grey Ticket. This is a bad thing at our school as it is a form on grey paper where the teacher checks off the misdemeanor and sends it home for the parent to sign. So he'd done something naughty. Ok.
I read said bee-yay gree and he had written "Fuck(teachers name)" in his English class scrapbook!! WTF???! Don't get me wrong..I KNOW where he has heard the word..but who taught him how to spell it?
I was a little surprised to say the least. He had a whole story worked out for me too, which totally didn't fly. He knew pretty much from the get go that I wasn't buying the whole "It wasn't about her it was about another person of that name" scenario, and when I said "you are spinning me a story aren't you?" he replied "yeah" without missing a beat then proceeded to well up into tears and beg me not to tell Daddy or smack his butt.
At this point I was still a little incredulous. I mean, where did I go wrong in his up bringing that he thought he could write something foul in his schoolbook AND NOT GET CAUGHT!!!!???
Time to kick it up a notch I guess.
Punishment: No TV, Game Boy, or Computer today and he has to fill a page of looseleaf with "I will not write bad words in my schoolbooks." And apologise AGAIN to the teacher.
When asked Why? his reply was that English class is boring. Now, who would have thought that taking English class in a French speaking school, when English is your first language would be boring. I think i would take a gun to my own head. And write cuss words in my notebook. I am not excusing him but I see where the problem arose. Bored kids get into trouble. Everyone knows this. Ugh...why MY kid?
Also, I went to the bank before going to buy groceries and guess what? Turns out its NOT payday. *head to desk X 3*
If it wasn't so close to lunch hour I would bury myself in my bed.
My slippers aren't finished and I am running out of that color yarn. I will join on another shade I have in the same type yarn but I am disappointed I didn't make it. So the toe end of one will be a different color. I suppose this could be worse, like the payday thing could have been worse. I coulda been in line at the grocery store with 200 bucks of groceries waiting to be paid for! These are slippers for me so it doesn't matter that they won't match. Much.

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