Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tough decision

I came to a decision and have sent in my resignation as a volunteer at the MPRC. Basically, its costing us a fair bit for me to trot in there up to 4 times a month and the battling with traffic after a weekend home with the boys is daunting. I'm just not up to it anymore. I feel bad...letting the MPRC down and all, but its just not working for me anymore. I dread Monday except for the chance to see the girls at Melange. I really enjoy Roo, Debra, and Shirley, and when Nathalie was there, and now that Scarlet is there. Its just a long, expensive slog in what with traffic, gas (its 45 minutes in on a GOOD day), parking (8.75), childcare for the boys at lunchtime and after school, and usually I end up getting lunch or buying something since I am down town. It adds up over a month for this one income family.
We are planning on the boys and I being in NS for the summer. Gotta get to saving the toonies for that too.
Its the right decision but I feel bad. Relieved but bad.

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