Tuesday, January 30, 2007

9:30 pm update

The slippers are done and I was only short about a foot or two of yarn so the yarn change is not noticeable. Thats the good news. The bad news is that after two runs in the washer (hotwash/coldrinse) and a trip through the dryer they have NOT felted as expected. This perturbs me since other things have felted for me before. Grr..stupid front loading washer.
I sit in utter perturbitude..
Cameron accomplished his mission on apology, writing lines, and missing tv, computer and gameboy for the day. He has done well, my little grasshopper, and has been made to understand thet th Eff word is not for younglings such as he and the another episode such as this will result in much eating of soap as his mouth is washed out. I know, he wrote it, but washing his hands doesn't seem a bad enough punishment. Humor me.
We lost Fishy the Swordtail yesterday. She too was given a nice toilet side ceremony. That leaves us 6 fish in the aquarium and one in Ben's room. I will be glad when this thing sorts itself out and YES I know you told me not to get fish until it had been running for a month, Scrappybear. Losing a fish a week is my just punishment. Unless you are the fish and then it seems very unjust. I'm not complaining I'm just sayin'...lost another fish.
Uuuum..hmm...slippers..fish..punishing bad children...Yup That covers it for tonight. Rest well and be awesome. G'nite.

10:30 am and already What a Day!

So, my 8 yr old says to me this morning as I lovingly prepare homemade pancakes from scratch at 7:20 am, "Mommy I have something to tell you" and you know that can't be good. Turns out that yesterday he got whats called a Billet Gris (Bee-yay gree), or a Grey Ticket. This is a bad thing at our school as it is a form on grey paper where the teacher checks off the misdemeanor and sends it home for the parent to sign. So he'd done something naughty. Ok.
I read said bee-yay gree and he had written "Fuck(teachers name)" in his English class scrapbook!! WTF???! Don't get me wrong..I KNOW where he has heard the word..but who taught him how to spell it?
I was a little surprised to say the least. He had a whole story worked out for me too, which totally didn't fly. He knew pretty much from the get go that I wasn't buying the whole "It wasn't about her it was about another person of that name" scenario, and when I said "you are spinning me a story aren't you?" he replied "yeah" without missing a beat then proceeded to well up into tears and beg me not to tell Daddy or smack his butt.
At this point I was still a little incredulous. I mean, where did I go wrong in his up bringing that he thought he could write something foul in his schoolbook AND NOT GET CAUGHT!!!!???
Time to kick it up a notch I guess.
Punishment: No TV, Game Boy, or Computer today and he has to fill a page of looseleaf with "I will not write bad words in my schoolbooks." And apologise AGAIN to the teacher.
When asked Why? his reply was that English class is boring. Now, who would have thought that taking English class in a French speaking school, when English is your first language would be boring. I think i would take a gun to my own head. And write cuss words in my notebook. I am not excusing him but I see where the problem arose. Bored kids get into trouble. Everyone knows this. Ugh...why MY kid?
Also, I went to the bank before going to buy groceries and guess what? Turns out its NOT payday. *head to desk X 3*
If it wasn't so close to lunch hour I would bury myself in my bed.
My slippers aren't finished and I am running out of that color yarn. I will join on another shade I have in the same type yarn but I am disappointed I didn't make it. So the toe end of one will be a different color. I suppose this could be worse, like the payday thing could have been worse. I coulda been in line at the grocery store with 200 bucks of groceries waiting to be paid for! These are slippers for me so it doesn't matter that they won't match. Much.

Monday, January 29, 2007

I'm HIGH.......

....... Speeding now. The problem with the phoneline etc has been all straightened out and I am speeding now. I am breathless with the exhileration of INSTANT gratification.
I can see funny, cute, touching video footage of my grandnieces right away insteda of slipping into a doze while I wait for it to download. I can listen to Cast On and Pointy Sticks and Deo's Shadow now!
I.....am content.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Still Dialing Up

For some reason the high speed doesn't work. Now Hausband Man is going on a business trip and the tech support guys will have to deal with me. Oh Dear Goddess...I hope my brain doesn't implode. Or theirs.
I was hoping/planning to be listening to podcasts and downloading stuffs by now. And I'm not.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Another Bitchin Time!

It was yet another fun night at Effiloche. For those that don't comprehend the idea of a Stitch and Bitch, its like a house party without the obnoxious asshole drunks, and where everyone is knitting something. If you are stuck in your pattern, you can hit someone up for help. You gab with like minded people from all walks of life and ages. The age group last night was from their teens into the grey haired (greyer than me under my hair dye color). Skill levels run the gamut from expert to rank amateur. At the Effiloche SnB there is a potluck table with a kettle for tea, a coffee maker, bottles of red wine and glorious nibbles like pate and olive bread, sucre a la creme (fudge), cookies, tiramisu made by a 12 year old (it was to die for), chocolate madeleines, etc etc etc. I brought an easy to whip up caramel apple tart. Want the recipe? Here you go:

Alison's Tarte Tatin creme sucre avec des pommes (Carmel apple skillet tart)
*ingredient amounts vary with size of skillet used*

sliced apples tossed with flour
brown sugar cream (coffee cream is fine)
In a skillet, melt your butter. Then add the brown sugar. stir it around and get it melting. When ist melty add the vanilla and cream. Get it hot and add the flour coated apples. Cook until things are getting bubble, stirring occassionally. When you are not stirring you will be whipping up a biscuit dough for the crust.
Mine is based on my grandmother's recipe. You could use a mix I suppose (bleahck) or maybe pastry if you are feeling like it.
I didn't measure but it was roughly:
1 1/2 cups white flour
2/3 cup sour milk oR buttermilk oR a milk/ plain yogurt combination(thats what i used)
1/2 Tbs baking powder
" '' sugar
couple pinches salt
Combine the dry ingredients in a bowl. Cut in 1 1/2 Tbsp butter until it is well blended and all crumbly like rolled oats. Then add milk a bit at a time until you have a soft dough thats not too wet. Turn it out onto your floured surface and roll to 1/4 inch thick. This made too much dough for my skillet but if you used a big one and thus more filling ingredients it'll be plenty. Lay the rolled out crust over your filling in the skillet (oh..by the way make sure skillet is oven proof) and place the skillet in a 350 oven for 20 minutes or until crust is golden NOT BROWN.
Remove from oven, place appropriate platter or plate over the skillet and flip it so the plate is ion the bottom, now holding everything crust side down. Scrape remaining goodies out of the pan and onto the tart. Lightly sprinkle with cinnamon. Et Voila! My version of a tarte tatin. Well, one of my versions anyways.

Knitwise, I started and got halfway through a Fuzzy Feet slipper (pattern at Knitty.com) in a Nova Scotian hand spun and hand dyed yarn that I've had since Julyor August. The pattern knits up super fast because you use larger needles since the slipper sock will be felted into an adorable rolled down top slipper. If I hadn't been gabbing and eating and making mistakes I would have been farther along when I brought it home and ended up ripping it back a bit to fix.
I am now in the foot and it should only take an hour to finish..then I will do slipper #2..Estimated time? ummm maybe 3or 4 hours. and then with felting I will have a pair of cozy wooly slippers that look like sunset on my feet (shades of golden, yellow, greens, blues, corals, pinks, magenta..). I'll take a picture eventually. Maybe Before and After the felting process.
I stayed up waaaaaay too late after I got home. I am off to curl up with my coffee and Interweave Knits magazine. The guys are heading off to skiing and won't be home before 5.
Sweet quiet.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Uh Oh

Another dead fish but this time it was one of Ben's swordtails, the bully known as Sword. Fishy is still doing fine. Dyson the bushy nose pl*co is a busy bee compared to Scrub's lethargic short existance. We actually see him actively foraging rather than just hanging there and almost every day a plant is found floating on the surface of the water so we know he's been hard at work rooting things up! Loach One and Loach Two still do their kookie little swimming upright thing that tickles us to no end. Angel is growing already! It was a very small angel fish when we got him less than a month ago. It seems bigger to me and is very hungry at feeding times.
But i will have to tell Ben that Sword is gone to the Summerlands and that is bound to go badly even though we have repeatedly mentioned that fish do tend to keel over for no apparent reason. Not looking forward to that.
On a happy note...the satellite TV is AWESOME. The kids are thrilled except now we are bickering over whose turn it is to watch a show. Ben was gracious and mature and gave up watching an episode of YuGiOh so that his dear Mom could drool over Mike Holmes on Holmes On Holmes. I love that show and haven't seen it in over 18 months. He is like a big defender of screwed over homeowners. He also reminds me a little bit of my brother, the contractor, but seems much less cranky and is bigger and stronger an soooo manly. Not that my brother isn't manly but he's my brother and not Mike Holmes. Such a burly yummy man. Ben enjoyed the show because they get to rip apart stuff and we see them fix everything. I always say "Hey, I betcha Uncle Ian does that too" or "Hey check that out!" when they do something neato. Very cool.
Today the Boys are not in school, per se, but are attending Service De Garde because since there is no school today they are going coasting at this hill here in town that has the inflatable donuts and a sytem that hauls you back up the hill. They took extra mittens, socks, hats, and lunch and snacks. I am aaaalll alone for the day..heeheeeheeeee. I'm gonna watch TV and doodle about on the 'puter, and make a stuffed pork loin for supper. Want the recipe? Ok here you go:
Mince onion, garlic and celery and sautee in a pan with butter or oil of choice. Remove to bowl and deglaze the pan with wine or apple juice. Put that in the bowl too as well as finely chopped apple (or some cranberries or dried fruit like raisin or chopped dried apricot or a combination of any), some ground pork or sausage meat or chopped bacon, cubed bread, some thyme, a bit of dry mustard, salt and pepper, and if its too dry add a bit of beef broth. Mix that all up. This is your stuffing for the pork loin (one pound).
Butterfly the pork loin and pound it flat and open with a mallet or rolling pin. Using some blanched cabbage leaves, line the loin with them and then put on the stuffing and commence to rolling up the loin. Using butcher string or skewers, secure the roll to keep it from un-rolling, rub the outside with a good rub or drape it with bacon and then roast for 50 minutes at 325 degree oven or until browned and juices run clear. You can serve this with a sauce or something or just as is with your side dishes. This is supper's main dish tonight. Let me know if you try my recipe and if'n ya liked it. Play with it and make it your own.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Might Require Diapers

We...have...REAL..TV...again. The gods of TV and all that is good about it have blessed this home by making Husband order satellite. The reception is...glorious. The color, the definition, the former blurry snowy forms that we now call PEOPLE. Oh sweet gods of entertainment, I bow low and thank you for your bounty. My brain is melting into happy TVwatcher sludge as we speak and I have so much fix getting...I mean..catching up to do that I dasn't leave the sofa. Seriously...this may call for adult sized diapers. 18 months without good tv..over.
No HBO for me right now though.
I refuse to pay an extra 16 bucks for a theme package I don't want, just to get one channel. But i did pay an extra 2.50 for National Geographic channel and an extra $5 for the package that had Discovery Kids so Ben would stop crying. He reeeeeally wanted the Discovery Kids channel. And its semi educational..how could I refuse?
Oh the excitement of it all.
Tomorrow I get High Speed internet.......oh gods of internetted goodness I bow down loooow before thee........


I made bread yesterday for the first time in almost two weeks. Mostly I was perturbed because it wasn't very appreciated by the younglings..It doesn't taste or look like store bought so they don't want it. Husband Man's suggesstion was to find a way to make it less crumbly so he can slice it thinner and also make the loaves smaller. I thought I'd have to add gluten but my wonderful friend Barbara suggested another egg and adding (poison)white flour. So my bread now has 3 eggs, some white flour(poison), and some hot milk added. I also was more diligent on the raising time for the second rise...not allowed to get too big because big bread means bigger bubbles means crumbly. Also, watched the baking time. Too long makes the bread a bit dryer and you don't want that.
The verdict..perfection. 3 loaves of perfection. And a burned finger.
Ben's socks are DONE. They turned out terrific, both socks. I sat and watched Battlestar Gallactica season one dvds yesterday afternoon and knit . Then I cast on Husband's sock, got it started, set it aside and attacked the vacuuming. Husband went into a fit of tidying yesterady so I took the hint that my slacker house keeping ways were not cutting it. :oD But the bonus to that is, he tidied up a bit for me. Woo hoo. Then I swept in:vacuummed, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, made bread, and did some laundry. When he came home he was all "Wow you were busy today the house looks great!" which is weird cuz all I did was vacuum (like I don't do that several times a week usually thanks to the pets and kids). He thought I had mopped too, which I had inteded but..like all good intentions, got set aside . The kitchen floor could dearly use it thats for sure, living with the Mr SpillyPantses in this house is murder on a white tile floor. When I redo that floor, its gonna be much more cammouflaged! Mwahahahahaha. Same with the cabinet doors. No white! But the walls have to stay light because otherwise the kitchen would be a little galley style CAVE .
Knit circle update: Effiloche is this Friday night. I LOVElovelovelove this place. I want to move in. Ginette is holding the Winter 2006 Interweave Knits for me because it has a pattern I need in order to attempt a different pattern. It is sooooo beautiful. Called The Arwen sweater, as in Arwen from LOTR, a knitter created A Sweater For Merry..a baby sweater with the Celtic cabling from the Arwen pattern by Kate Gilbert. Its absolutely to die for and the link is available on Yarn Harlot's blog. I had a dream just before woke that I was pregnant and in labor, the babies name was to be Gabriella Louise(gahbriella not gaybriella) or something masculine that I now can't remember. How weird is that. If Cameron had been a girl he was to be Genieve Louise ( gshyawnyev not jen-eev). The Louise is for Husband's deceased mother. Turns out, when I woke up, I really really had to go pee. Anyone who has ever been preggers can feel me on that...the feeling of a very very full bladder is very very prevalent in the last stages of pregnancy. All that pressure.
I get satellite TV today! Clear reception, multi channels, fewer video rentals from sheer boredom...its all good. We will have cartoons again!!! I so happy..I mean..the KIDS are so happy..ahem I don't watch cartoons..really. Bell Express Vu man will arrive sometime this afternoon.. I'm gonna have HGTV again (shuddering blissful moan oooooohhhhh Mike Holmes), And music videos again ( oh how I miss music videos) and educational TV like History channel and maybe National Geographic channel. And Space again. Thats Husband's demand..MUST get the package that has Space channel.... But none of the packages in the cheapo deal have HBO. I NEED HBO because they will be making a series based on George RR Martin's Fire And Ice series of books. I think it was HBO..I must check SpaceMonkey Pants again. Also, I like the show Weeds.
I am nagging to go to the movies soon. Smokin' Aces look excellent! And not just because Ryan Reynolds is in it..really. ****drifts off on a silent reverie on Ryan Reynolds******
Where was I...
I think that is all. As you were and be safe out there.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

At last....

For a couple of days now I have been trying to geth the aquarium water at a happy level of Ph and ammonia. After the vacuuming and water change today, we may have finally gotten there. I can sit back and breathe a sigh of relief that all is again as it should be.
sigh with happy little hum.....
~roof caves in over my head~ *damn* Back to square one.
Such is the life for one such as I, also called parent/wife. You wash clothes, dry them, fold them...then someone wears them and you have to do it aaaaaaallllll over again. Same with everything else that is my "job", floors, windows, feeding, cooking, blah diddy blah diddy blah. Its not the chores that makes me want to bleed out in a cozy bath, its the repetition. Not even the repitition. Its the MIND NUMBING repetition. Thats what gets me. I'm not complaining mind you. The job does have its perks and its not as if anyone is gonna fire me. Nope not complaining.
~ Eyes yet another dust bunny scampering across the plain that is our floor......~
Nope..nothing wrong here.
Sock Update: not done yet. Maybe tomorrow. They looks awesome though and I got a compliment from Roo yesterday in that she thinks they look like real socks.
Thats good, too, because the imaginary ones are all arse for keeping your feet warm.

Tough decision

I came to a decision and have sent in my resignation as a volunteer at the MPRC. Basically, its costing us a fair bit for me to trot in there up to 4 times a month and the battling with traffic after a weekend home with the boys is daunting. I'm just not up to it anymore. I feel bad...letting the MPRC down and all, but its just not working for me anymore. I dread Monday except for the chance to see the girls at Melange. I really enjoy Roo, Debra, and Shirley, and when Nathalie was there, and now that Scarlet is there. Its just a long, expensive slog in what with traffic, gas (its 45 minutes in on a GOOD day), parking (8.75), childcare for the boys at lunchtime and after school, and usually I end up getting lunch or buying something since I am down town. It adds up over a month for this one income family.
We are planning on the boys and I being in NS for the summer. Gotta get to saving the toonies for that too.
Its the right decision but I feel bad. Relieved but bad.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday January something, 2007

Ok I checked...Its the 21st. How the Hell did that happen??? Wow. January is almost gone! Yay!!!!
My menfolk went to Mont Blanc yesterday for skiing and had a very cold time of it but fun nonetheless. The ski instructor for the kids class took them indoors twice to warm them up. They were bundled with helmets , hot hoods, neckwarmers, long johns, special cold weather socks etc etc etc but it was minus ten Celcius here in town and, so, colder and windier in the mountains. Brrrr.
I on the other hand had a blissfully silent day here in the house, BLISSFULL, I tell ya. I changed out of my jammies only to put on warmer ones. HA. Then I read, sipped coffee, talked on phone, snuggled kitties, flushed a fish, got bored and started laundry..LOL
That was the guilt kicking in actually. I also ran the vacuum and took it downstairs to its closet. But that was IT for housework...seriously.
I listlessly knit on Ben's sock and also matched socks from my missing socks basket (oops housework). I made about ten pair or so and the level dropped in a most satisfactory way. Eventually the guys got home and I cooked for the kids (of course Ben didn't eat) and then we all settled in teh TV room for some StarGate on DVD and I knit like mad all evening. Heel is turned and gusset in progress. Ben's sock will be finished TODAY/tonight.
Gotta go to the fish place to get some aquarium peat to lower our water Ph. Ammonia also tested as high so I added more Cycle.
Maybe this is what did in poor Scrub. Live and learn.
http://youtube.com/watch?v=SPE8vL5hlFA Here is video footage of folk that have lived and learned to not drive on ice without winter tires. Fender benders in Portland. Watch it with the sound on and feel their pain. OOoh...eeep...whoa!!!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Goodbye Scrub

Well, Scrubby Dubbydoodle, Esq. was not long for this world. He had a burial at toilet today. Goodbye, fair fish.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bit of Beauty

I was on my way to Bedfordshire last night (going to bed) and as I reached to draw the blind I noticed the frost pattern on the outer window pane. I am such a pathetic photographer that having a camera on hand would not have proven helpful, as my glarey photos posted here can attest. It...was...freakin'...beautiful... It was as if someone had pasted small glass beads on the glass in order to form the shapes reminiscent of branchy coral. ...Many many branched coral...formed of frost and ice. It caught the light from the neighbors house and sparkled and shone with ethereal beauty....ghost coral that will fade with the sun's appearance come morning.
An underwater treasure on glass made from ice. Impossible to recreate by human means. Breathtaking in its perfection.

Grrrrrrrrrrrr and Stash

So, as I have blathered incessantly about, I have learned some of the mysteries of knitting socks. For that I am thrilled. Tickled. Joyous. Proud.
What thrills me NOT is the fact that by knitting two pair of socks using the same weight yarn, same size needles, same pattern and number of stitches...I have one pair that barely fits (Cameron) and one pair that is slightly too big and thus perfect..well one half of the pair anyways since I only cast on sock 2 of Ben's pair today. But I am seriously considering ripping Cammie's socks apart and doing them over. ARGH
Almost 20 bucks for that yarn and the just barely fit...GRRRRR. POOP!

I officially have a stash now. I always did but it was far too tiny to call a stash. A small cache maybe. Because of the Zellers marked down merino I have several skeins of merino now in 5 colors. I think I have 9. I couldn't help it..I had to free it from the blasphemous clutches of Zellers and their love of all yarns acrylic! It deserved BETTER. So now it is in its new home, my teak box/side table beside my chair in the living room with lavender essential oil drenched cotton pads tucked in for moth repellant, cohabitating with Fleece Artist hand dyed, Delia Burge handspun and dyed, my own hand spun that I can't seem to use because I just keep holding the small balls thinking " I spun this yarn with my own two hands..Trinity had such lovely chocolate brown fleece...sigh...". Thus those small bits are actually balls of memory and not simply yarn. The wool for Ben's slipper's (on the needles since xmas) is in there too as are the left overs from Richard's earflap hat (Twilleys of Stamford "Freedom"). Effiloche carries this brand and maybe at some point I will get some and combine leftovers and new stuff for something lovely and soooo soooofft.
I also have some Phildar " Confetti " sock yarn for Richard's socks and maybe a pair for a surprise gift to big bro. We shall see how that goes. And Cameron's leftovers from those socks that just fit...GRRR..
So much for thinking happy thoughts.
Today's To Do: Get aquarium glass scrubber thingy for this algae. Its too much for Scrubby.
Move freezer to play room so that there is room in the laundry room for the upstairs litter box.
Vacuum the downstairs and then haul it upstairs and do the main floor.
Maybe find more laundry hidden upstairs to be done..again.
Bathrooms? Kitchen...? ugh.
I need a nap already.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

One fish two fish......

......I gots a new fish. His name is Scrubby Dubbydoodle (Scrub for short.. I wanted to name him Hoover or Dyson..and Electrolux was just too much name for such a wee fishy. Scrub stuck.) and I will love him and not pet him and let him eat all the algae he wants with his freaky little sucker mouth.
He is hard at work here, sucking the glass of the aquarium to the left of the flash glare. He works the aquarium's nightshift so the lights are off while he does his thing.

Pair of socks numero deux

This is a picture of what Ben's socks are looking like. This is sock one, after the turning of the heel and during gusset (the bendy part so its not a straight tube). The color is not quite true thanks to the flash. Its a bit darker/richer. I took the pic this morning with my hand in the sock.
We had lots of snow yesterday so Iemailed the shop to let them know my MPRC shift wouldn't be filled. Then I stayed in most of the day to knit. I say MOST. I did venture out to a Terrebonne shop for sock yarn ( Husband and surprise wild birthday sox for my brother. He LOVES homemade sox.) And to Bureau En Gros for toner. And to Walmart right next door, looking for a particualr calender because I have no freaking idea of the date these days. No calendar but I got something else I needed. Then I stopped at Zellers on my way back looking for size 2.75mm bamboo needles but their smallest was 3mm. Pooh. BUT I did find heaps of 100% merino wool yarn in grey or grey blue or navy or brown or ivory. I will be back for you my darlings. You will be felted slippersock booties!! (www.knitty.com Fuzzy Feet pattern) Marked down for clearance, $5 from 7 something. All of these stops were not very far from home and good thing because driving was HORRID. I should not have gone out but the call of the yarn was strong in me, since it was Husband's pay day.

I will finish sock one, pictured above, today and possibly have sock two done on Thursday night. My hands are a wee bit stiff from all this tiny needle knittyness but..I..cannot..stop..

The fish seem recovered from Ick if that is what the white spots were. Now I see algae starting on the glass. ARGH. The filter is back to running with a proper cartridge/pad now that medication time is over. The polywool kept the tank pretty much particle free during the Med time when apparently, according to the instructions on med, you shouldn't use carbon filtering , which our filter pads have. Time to turn the temperature back a wee bit and maybe turn the lights off more. And get a Plecostomus to sucker off lots of algae. Etc etc etc.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

I Gots An Owwwie

We went skiing. Well, the family did. I was attacked by the chair lift and incapacitated for the day. My knee is very very very sore (hit so hard its not bruised but swollen and hot) and I have bruises on my elbows. Knee and elbows connected with the cement base of a big steel support pole. With great force. I cried my head off. Then I eventually went to the bar for the rest of the afternoon.
No skiing for me for awhile.

Friday, January 12, 2007


Ok..I just had such an awesome night. I went to the stitch and bitch hosted at Effiloche (Eff-eel-oshay) on St Hubert and I was in yarn and fiber heeeeeaaaaavvvveeeennnn. I bought a new ball of sock yarn for Ben's socks, Trekking XXL from Germany in great red and orange colors with white and charcoal. AND I won a draw..a free ball of Tofutsies, a wool/cotton/ soysilk/ chitin blend. Its a newer product with lovely sheen and the chitin is naturally antibacterial..cool huh? The chitin fiber is made from shrimp and crab shells. Soysilk comes from soy. What a nifty yarn and its gonna make me a suh-weet pair of socks someday. But first the socks for Cameron (on the toe decreases of sock 2 and will attack sock one ASAP) and Ben ( estimated date of cast on is Monday January 15)and Husband Man.
I am so enjoying these knitty outings. They lessen my isolation and lonliness so much and the knitting really gives me something fun to do with my time. I am really enjoying myself and have a greater appreciation for this place now. Yay knitters!
Met some great people tonight. Sylvie, whose mom knits amazing socks, Andre-Anne who was fun to sit and talk with, Ginnette who has the greatest yarn shop I have been in since I got here, Joanne who was very cool, and Barbara of
www.fuzzymitten.com . She makes yummy cookies too. There were lots of others including knitting teenagers! How cool is that!!
I treated my fish for Ick today. Monkey, as usual, was fascinated with the idea of fresh fish for dinner but was dee-nied! Look how much he has grown. Oh my doodness hims a big boysie now. Yes him is ooh yes him is.
Ahem. Sorry about that. Enjoy the pics. I am going to go fondle my balls (YARN) some more.


http://www.yarnharlot.ca/blog/ Go read this. A bank accused a yarn vendor of running a scam because they were making too much money to be selling yarn for socks and refused their business. Its making waves all over the knitty world, even in the UK. Knitters want those bankers heads on beautifully knitted platters a la the Debbie New teacups..google Debbie New and you will find said teacups.
I would so hate to be this bank's manager when the shit hits the fan on NPR and the Oregonian, who have been alerted several times as has CNN. Hell hath no wrath like a knitter denied her sock yarn!!!! Be warned!
Now go to http://www.bluemoonfiberarts.com/ and buy me a sock club membership...LOL

Friday morning.yawwwwwwwwnnnnnn

All week I keep saying to myself "gotta get to bed earlier" and all week its been 11 or later. Thats odd because as I have aged I have become quite the non-night owl. Gone are the days of partying it up until 3 and bouncing out of bed, still slightly hammered, to attend class or go to work. Not that happened a lot...the work thing. I was responsible enough that it was only once or twice. Nowadays, I sometimes go to bed at the same time as the boys, sometimes earlier but not very much later than them. This week has bee an exception and I am TIRED. Twice I went back to bed after they went to school. Husband Man didn't make the coffee early enough for me to have imbibed sufficient to keep me conscious. Today, he did. Thank gods. Cup two and the eyes are not forcing them selves open quite as hard.
SOCK NEWS: I conquered the gusset. I think.. Anyways, on Sock two in all its beauty and fewer mistakes, I decided that no stinkin' gusset was gonna stop me, man, and so I continued with the pattern, following the seemingly nonsensical instructions and what looked like a disaster on sock 1 straightened itself out on sock 2. So maybe if I had kept going on sock one I would not be sharing this break through. Any hoo, I put the sock on Cameron this morning and have about 2 inches of knitting until toe decrease time. I can hardly wait. *squee*. So excited to finish both socks.
Cam noticed my knitting yesterday as I sat in my special chair in the corner with the confiscated floor lamp behind lit so I could see well, and he asked what I was knitting. "A sock" I replied. He touched it, said Cool, and asked who the socks were for and I said " You" and he grinned and said " Oh thats so sweet'. LOL I asked if he liked the colors and he replied in the affirmative. He's a boy who likes his coziness. He's very tactile, from a young age.
I can't wait to start my next pair, this time for Ben. He is more fussy about how things fit and feel but I think he will enjoy Mommy Made socks. Gotta get more yarn though...mwahahahahaha.
Tonight is the stitch n bitch at Effiloche on St Hubert. Wonder what they have in stock for sockses.......
I think two of the fish have Ick..I saw teensy white specks on the sworfishes tails, 3 on one, one on the other. Need Ick treatment for them so off I go to pet shop later this morning. And to the drugstore..and grocery store. Maybe no yarn for me til payday I am thinking.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Teri of She Said She Said got me. Here goes:

A) Single or Taken= Taken
B Best Friend~ Julie

C Cake or pie~ Cake
D Drink of choice~ Vodka soda with twist of lime

E Essential item you use everyday~ dishwasher
F Favorite color~ green and purple combinations
G Gummy bears or worms~ BEARS..They are cute and squishy so I must bite them. grrrr
H Hometown~ New Glasgow Nova Scotia
I Indulgences~ Books and yarn and ice cream

J January or February~ January
K Kids and names: Ben and Cameron
L Life is incomplete without~ snuggles
M) Marriage date~ June 11, 1994
N Number of siblings~ 4
O Oranges or Apples ~ oranges
P Phobias or Fears~ Losing kids
Q Fave Quote~ You can lead a whore to the library but you can't make her think.. Dorothy Parker
R Reason To Smile: Taking Ben to Barenaked Ladies concert in February
S Season~ Autumn
T TAG! Ummm... Jess, Tigerlily, Barbara, Suldog
U Unknown fact about me~ I dislike male strippers
V Vegetable you don't like ~ kale
W Worst Habit~ just one? cuticle picking, nail biting, scab picking, over eating, yelling
X Xrays? yes
Y Your favorite food= greek cuisine
Z Zodiac sign~ Sagittarius

Monday, January 08, 2007

January 8th

It was a pretty groovy day all told. The boys headed back to school and I had my MPRC shift. It snowed last night and then rained some today which makes for sticky wet snow. Can you say snowman? Can you say Oh My Jeez My Back? Good for you. We are supposed to get some flurries tonight too. Maybe winter really is here.
And speaking of winter, whats better than a cozy pair of wool socks? Especially wool socks knit with LOVE?

Pictured here today are Sock One and Sock Two. Sock one is about 1/2 ways done. I am stuck on the gusset part. VEeeeeery frustrating, after turning a heel for the first time, to have to stop. I tried, failed, ripped back to heel flap and top of the foot stitches. I put it on stich holders and shuttled some yarn to continue the work when I have help. Then today I cast on Sock two, the fraternal twin of sock one. See how much I got done in less than 3 hours??! I will get it to "stuck" , and then hopefully at a stitch n bitch (friday maybe?) someone can show me how to pick up the side heel stitches to continue with making the gusset and foot of the sock. That way I can finish them up closer together and present them to Cameron . Then I will make another pair, this time for Ben. If I am not Master Of The Sock after 2 pair, then I know Richard wants some. Mwahahahahahahahaha. I WILL be sock queen of this house. After 3 pair I will be able to try other sock patterns. Not all socks are created equal you know. I am a happy camper.
SexyBeast is getting a workout. What an awesome gift. Since its arrival in all its red shininess, Its been used at least twice a week. Why so much mixing when twere no mixin before? Because we are swearing off store bought bread, thats why. I have been baking our bread since SB takes so much of the effort out of the whole thing. No aching arms.
Todays bread: honey and molasses in very warm water and yeast= let sit to proof. I ground some organic rolled oats in the coffee grinder to make whole oat flour. I mashed a banana and mixed it with 2 eggs and some olive oil. Then threw in a teaspoonish of salt. Get out the whole wheat flour and ground flax. Added flax to egg mixture. When Yeast was all foamy I turned on SB and started adding the egg mixture, then oat flour, then whole wheat flour. Then I got all cocky and threw in some extra wheat germ.. Kept mixing and adding flour until the dough was no longer goopy, but pretty much a ball. Turned it out onto floured counter for a bit of hand kneading until it wasn't sticky then let rise in an oiled bowl (BIG bowl). Punch it down later then shape into loaves, put in greased/oiled pans and wait again (had supper). Its now in the oven. 20 minutes, turn, 20 minutes more ..400 degree oven (convection..for conventional do 15 and 15) with a pie tin of water on the lowest rack. The tops of the loaves were brushed with egg (eggwash) to make them shiney and nice. When they are done, they get tipped out of the pans and cooled. Can I resist a nice warm heel of fresh bread with butter and molasses on it?
So as long as I have the time and inclination, we will be doing the homemade bread thing. Every batch is different (just a bit), zero preservatives and made with LOVE. How can you do better?

Friday, January 05, 2007

5 days into it ...

Ok..so the using less sugar thing is going ok. Time to reduce it further I think so I will throw out all fudge that was recieved for Xmas. I'm the only one who'll eat it anyways.
Know what bugs me? And maybe it shouldn't...maybe its a selfish thing..but I don't care. It still bugs me.
If you are an newly recovering alcoholic..those that love you choose to avoid alcohol in your presence.
If you have just quit smoking, those that love you will avoid smoking around you.
Give up sugar and the one that loves you stocks the cupboard with cookies and Vachon cakes. What the fuck is up with that?? And trust me this has been an issue on other times I have tried to control my weight gain and perhaps LOSE a freakin' pound. But the temptation is always there. Always in the cupboard waiting for me to get weaker. As if that person who bought them doesn't know he needs to lose a few pounds too. And has mentioned it. And did give up pop. Yay you. But still..cookies and Vachon cakes does not a trimmer waistline make. And I have explained how the sugar works on some brains like cocaine addiction..not easy to kick that habit is it? Would one wave some snow under an addicts nose??? I think not Maybe I should switch cuz fer sure I would get thinner. Thats a joke...kinda...hmmmm..
When I was a teeager and called Porky by my brother and called a Fat Slob by my dad ( I shit you not...they may have no recollection of this but I do..vividly) I would declare myself on a diet. And my mom would promptly load the cabinets with cookies and chips. It happened more than once. Maybe she thought that they'd be safe now that I wouldn't eat them??? And thats about all the help I got in the weight loss game. When I was old enough to cook for myself and maybe buy my own diet foods, it was easier but still, Not a weight loss friendly house.
So here I am AGAIN. On my own. Trying to add a couple of years to my life span. I know Yoda would say "There is no try...there is only DO." but Yoda never had 60 pounds to lose and serious food addiction. Sanctimonious little green fucker. Ooooh..sorry.
Foods now on the NO list:
  • refined sugar in its obvious forms ( sugar, brown sugar, cake, cookies, ice cream, candy, chocolate, gums with sugar)
  • chips in any form.. any salty greasy delicious form

This list will increase (remember the baby steps plan??) as time wears on. Days one to 5 were no sugar in my coffee...now we have the list above. We will see what gets cut out in the future. If I switch too fast my body will revolt like it did last night when I scarfed back numerous Maria cookies and milk. Mmmmm milk. I like milk.

Instead of snacking inappropriately, I will knit. Knitting will save me for sure. Its wholesome and zero calories. Character building, except for the swearing. I have begun a beautiful sock for Cameron, it will someday be joined by another and he will have a glorious pair of stripey blue and green multi colored socks made with a machine washable wool blend that cost me almost $20 (Opal brand). Expensive for socks I know but soooo beautiful. Then I will find a color way for Ben. I'm much faster than I was a few years ago and attempted socks with this thin sock yarn. I already have about 3 inches done and only started yesterday. Also, I so rock because I am doing the leg bit not in simple stockingette stitch BUT in knit 3 purl 1 rib. Its so awesome. I will be so popular in this house when I master the sock. Husband still wears sock my mom made for him years ago. He literally wears them out. They are too thick to actually wear in shoes thought being made in a polyester yarn more suited to sweaters etc. They make excellent house and boot socks though. Also on needles are Ben's yet to be finished slippers. he doesn't really need them anyways what with the crazy warm weather. Noone else is wearing theirs anyways. For now my area of easily lost focus is THE SOCK. There is no try...there is only DO.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Knitting in the city

What a great evening! It was stitch n bitch night at the Second Cup on Monkland with Montreal Knits. It was amazing..at least twenty knitters filling half the shop. One even brought her brand spanking new baby, Sean. Of course, he's perfect! Sooooooo tiny. Seriously. But so beautiful and hardly made a peep at all.
What an amazing mix of people attend these gatherings. Knitters come from every walk of life, income bracket, and race. Its absolutely fantastic to sit and listen to tales of life and knitting and share some of ones own with these newfound, or long time, kindred spirits. Way cool. I only wish I could remember everyones names!!! Ack. I'm completely blanking on the name of the woman I sat next to and then later, across from, the whole evening. She was a big help with my experimental (emphasis on mental) sock. Its a giant sock. huge. Could be a hat. I am tepted to tears it out and start again but my idea was to shrink it. I hope it works because the yarn is gorgeous Fleece Artist Blue Faced Leiceister hand dyed. That means reallly reallly pretty and expensive in non-yarn person speak. I bought a ball of lovely wool blend sock yarn from Ariadne Knits tonight too. 2007 is the year of the sock for me.
And I saw the most wicked cool mittens tonight. The pattern is at Hello Yarn...skull and crossbones mittens. I saw them up close and impersonal tonight as they were being knit and I must say Bra-fuckin'-vo. I am in awe.
The aquarium continues to fixate the family and has truly become a family interest with all 4 of us having input and the guys are learning a bit too. I got a really nice wooden piece today and it looks very nice...lotsa hidey holes if a fish so desires. Also got a couple of water plants.
Its very very late now. Goodnight.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Its a new year

Resolutions? Hmmm....isn't that just setting one's self up for failure or putting on too much pressure? My resolutions are as follows:

1) Continue with the removal or dismissal of old baggage. My who gives a #$%^^& what folk think attitude is continuing, but not as an in your face rebellion...just trying to make me a happier girl.
2) Master THE SOCK. I will knit socks if it kills me.
3) Take baby steps to get weight loss going again. Its depressing that I have undone 2 years of hard work in 6 months. Very very very depressing...hide under the covers and not come out because I'm so hideous depressing. Today, I switched to Splenda in my coffee...Thats about 2 Tbsp LESS sugar ingested a day. More steps to follow such as drink much more water etc etc etc. I have been on very strict diets in the past and that just sets me up to fall. The will power just gives out! I will try babysteps and avoid the diet " gimme sugar/fat/bread/etc before I rip your throat open with this celery stick" freakouts. We still remember the throwing of the lettuce head in August 1992. Dieting can reeeeeaaallly stress a chick out.
I am thinking about trying Tai Chi again. I really really liked it when I took 2 series of classes a few years ago. Turns out there is Tai Chi here in Terrebonne so unless the language is a major barrier, why not. It gets me out, I love the fluidity of the movement, and its doesn't make me sweat. I have been wishing I could remember the moves of Tai Chi Quan for awhile. Richard asked if I was going back to Crescent Moon to do my Level 2. I want to but I really really hate homework. I really do. Thats whats keeping me from continuing. I just do NOT want to write papers and read dry clinical stuff. I DID that already in school and University. Yes...study is a process...a subject is MORE than those things we find immediately pertinent. I get that and respect it. I just don't want to do it. So I think thats my answer.
Anyways, 2007 promises to be a year of more changes for this family. Nothing that I can really comment on here but they are positive changes geared to making this a happier family. Thats always good.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Yes..sad but true, T'was I

Oh, no, it wasn't the airplanes. It was Alison killed the beast.

Which movie was this quote from?

http://thesurrealist.co.uk/movie.php" method="get">Get your own quotes:

2007 commenceth

Woohoo...yay...blah blah blah...
Ok...Its 12:07ish AM january firts 2007.. and yes as my typo suggests I HAVE had a couple or few drinks. And yes they were tasty. Yum.
Ok...so..Saddam Hussein..executed by hanging. Is it just me or is this totally anticlimatic? And weird. No more Saddam to mock and fear. Very odd. For me and possibly folk like me (approaching a young middleage and not overly globally aware), he's been the big bad wolf for a large portion of my life....at least the socially cognisant part of it. It will take some adjusting.
Also, I may be really outta line here but harrassing the guy as the noose is put around his genocidal neck? A little creepy.
So now what? Is the world a noticibly happier sunshinier place? Uuuum..no. So what did this do besides make 5 seconds on the 10 o'clock news? Not much but remove a very bad man. his reign of evil ended awhile ago but still the killing, starving, bombings, fighting continue.
Whats the point?
Ok...lets get off that maudlin train of thought and hop the connecting ride to happier thoughts:
Got ski passes..whee. Ski school starts in two weeks for the boys. Fun fun fun.
My kitten is awesome. Monkey is the best. Except when he breaks stuff and wakes us up, not neccessarily at the same time. But his wee kitten luvin's are so awesome. Yay kittens! Go get yourself one.
My kids are so great. Ben can totally make me a cup of coffee almost just right. Its excellent when I am tired and don't want to haul my fat ass upstairs to fetch a fresh cup. Lets hear it for kids that learn a useful skill!!! Whoo Hoo! I can't wait until he's old enough to teach how to mix Mommy a cocktail. Whats the usual age for that nowadays?
Cameron...aaah Cameron. A boy after mommy's own heart. Couch potato supreme with a giggle that makes ya melt. My own Captain Thunderpants...what can I say? You light up my life in your own weird way sweetie and I mean that. Don't go changin' except to learn how to fetch me coffeee and give your brother a break.
And Blossom..sweet Blossom. I resolve to clip your nails more and try to pet you more often ol' best dog in the world.
And the Husband...well..yeah..you know..keep on trucking right buddy? Or whatever...
I'm kidding...he's great and sweet and all that good husband crap. Just don't go letting him know cuz then he'll get all full of himself.
Yup..2006 was quite a year of melt downs, break downs, and what have ya. Here's to a terrific 2007. Be well and happy, fellow Podlings.