Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Maui post:

We survived our trip though the exhaustion I seem to have incurred is threatening me once again with a nap. I was gonna post pics but the computer swallowed that post and rejected it so here we are, pictureless posting for now.
I must say one thing though....I was not terribly excited in a happy way to go to Maui. I mean, so many things and places are so totally over hyped! What if Maui was too? And then I'd be some kinda freak because I'd be all "I KNEW I shoulda stayed home.." and be shunned forever more by all normals. Lucky for me (and Maui) it tottally exceeded my expectations and then some. It rocked. It was so cool. The water? AWESOME!! The snorkeling? beyond awesoem. The food? " oh My God I'm in Heaven eatting an angel's grub this is so frikkin' good". the prices? EEEK. And Hawaiians have this thing for SPAM. Its on many menus. Very weird. ( save the Monty Python references...I used 'em all! walking the streets singing softly "Spam spam spam spam, spam spam spam spam..." squawking at Richard abruptly "But I don't LIKE Spam!!" then laughing maniacally as he shook his head and pretended not to know me)
Maui is a MUST destination and I would definitely go back and maybe for 2 weeks so that it wasn't so rushed. Seriously needed more beach time.
The schmoozing with mucky mucks and clients went better than anticipated as well. most a-holes were on their best behaviour and did not tempt me into bitch slapping them. I made new acquaintances and became closer to those I had. Now have one or two I can call friends!
It was wonderful.
Shrug? Not done. Dress? Awesome unless I bend and then you get full frontal cleavage action. One photog was warned "I better not see that show up on the internet under "Big Boobs in Hawaii" or something!!"
More later.....

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Suldog said...

It sounds like you had one fantastic time there! Great!

(Um, would I be a sexist pig if I said I wanted to see the big boobs in Hawaii shot? Just asking.)