Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Product Endorsement= Makes Kids Happy!!

(Product owned may not be as shown)

Today my youngest came home from school and promptly burst into hot sweaty tears. Seems that his bestest friend and in his opinion ONLY friend has not been spending any time with him at recesses and after 3 days of this my guy was very very sad. After he'd poured out his woes and tears and we talked and agreed that he was simply too cool for all those dumbasses at school (because, lets be clear here..HE IS!!!) a cure for the blues was struck upon. Snow cones.
Cam got "a similar to photo above" machine for Xmas 3 years ago. At first it was a major pain in my ass trying to keep a supply of properly sized ice cakes available. Since we moved I have dodged the sno cone bullet a few times but today I remembered that the special wee container was in the freezer and YES! I did have unsweetened koolade packets from my yarn dying experiment to make the flavoring. Instant joy in a little boy's heart! Once again the world was a good place and I, well, I was a very cool and smart Mom. Best part is that now he is 8 and needs almost NO HELP from me to do the whole thing himself. Suh-weeeeet!
This type shaver is just great. No electricity, kid powered, cheap and easy to make flavour....I just have to get some ice cakes made ahead in a freezer bag and all will be well. This was a seriously good buy (Grand River Toy Company 3 years ago. Now..?) and if you wanna be a cool parent, your kids would love one! One ice cake makes 3 snow cones OR two small bowls of shaved ice.
You may thank me later when you are the coolest parent ever.


Suldog said...

What approximate size do you have to make the ice cakes? I think that would be a nice addition to our kitchen - seriously.

AliP said...

Our snow coner came with a little container for making the ice in. Like a small margarine tub or chip dip tub size. The container has a raised X in the bottom for the lid of the machine to catch on when the crank is turned. This propells the ice over the blades (the blades are stationery) and shaves the ice.