Sunday, June 10, 2007


I have been getting comments from friends etc about No Pictures! on the blog. So now, I am putting the pictures at last. Its just so tedious finding the photos and convincing the blog to take them! But this I do for you because i loves ya.

Ok...Photo #1 Snorkelling off Makena Landing during the kayak trip. See that kayak? We wants it we does. We loves it... I mean WE as in both of us not in a Gollumy way...Though that may have some bearing as well. I am just covetous at heart apparently but seriously..these kayaks are awesome. Very stable, open topped, easy in and out. they rock. We can totally see us using them . More so than our former canoe Tippy Tipperson.
Photo Two has me holding two non dangerous sea urchins. The big red spiked variety are SO COOL. The red colour was used to dye fabric at one time and the spines dried for use as slate chalk. Bit of trivia for KNEW I'd have some..
Photo #3 Us intrepid kayakers back at Makena Landing. On this kayak trip on Day one of our maui stay, we say the houses of Tiger Woods and Clint eastwood. We also came in close non-contact with Green Sea Turtles (Honu). Uber wicked cool.
Photo #4 has me at the bow of the catamaran Trilogy V on our last day in Maui. I'm wrapped in my sarong to keep the sun off. We'd had a trip out to Molokini to snorkel the crater. If ever you go to Maui you MUST book a trip with the Trilogy gang.
Look how blue the water is...its actually BLUER in real life. Amazing. Maui is like a fantasy world! It has things and stuff we never see back here except in movies or books or stores. If only the developers weren't making the islands too expensive to live on for everyone that should be there like native Hawaiians....


Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Thank you, at last. Or should I say, About bloody time, witch!
love ya!

Suldog said...

That looks so relaxing. I wish I was there now.

Anonymous said...

Love the pics of Maui and especially love the bathing suit. Thanks for the update!!!!
2nd sis Wanda

picperfic said...

what gorgeous photos...looks like you had a great time.. Don'T beat yuorself up about your lad and camp, he'll surely have a great time and the instructors should be on the ball regarding any bullying!