Friday, June 08, 2007

Myyyy Presssssciiiioouuusssssssssssss

Big honking amethyst with 3 diamonds in 14 ct gold.
Ok..this is a bad picture but trust me its awesome. In my opinion anyways. And here is the story.
We went to a charity gala last night on behalf of a camp for underpriviledged children and there was a silent auction, a live auction, and a band and wow. It was very outside my experience and was an absolute HOOT to suck back free liquor and eat proffered finger foods and just watch the rich of Montreal rub shoulders.
We browsed the silent auction tables a few times to see how the bidding was going on a few items.
Finally HM came back to the table and said that bidding had gone to rich for us on sevral things so i had my choice of 2 things to bid on. Guess which I picked??LOL
Valued at ....get ready..... $2,000.00.
And now its aaaaaallllll mine. My precious...we loves it we does......


Vicky said...

That is some ring...very pretty!

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Definitely a better gig than staying home to yak on the phone with me!! Holy cow, that's some ring!! bling bling