Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tuesday Photos

Moss Roses: These are a very old fashioned rose. They have a good fragrance but not like tea rose, more spicy and perfumey. The stems are covered in a sticky coating of "thorns" which are stronger and pricklier at the base but are softer and mossier as they approach the bud. Even the bud is coated with this mossiness, hence the name Moss Rose. This specimen is from the pantings at my mom's place and were originally planted by my grandparent's The Pooles. I call them My Nanny's Roses when ever I point them out. This plant was put in only last summer after our vacation in NS and has triple or quadrupled in clump size. They are low growing and spread very well. Almost too well.

In the close up, look at that fullness of blossom! They start out very pale while openning, get much pinker, and then faaaaaaaaaaaddddde until the petals simply drop off.

The picture of me is Cameron's using the camera this morning after I snapped the rose pics. Holy bedhead. See how happy I am that the bus is coming soon!!!? Just kidding. 3 more days of school.

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