Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I'm such a slacker

You know you are a slacker when even typing random thoughts etc is just too taxing an ambition and this is why I have not been posting much of anything. That and my lack of typing has meant that I am making more typos to correct which pisses me off. Viscious viscious cycle this slackin' I must say. Wednesday (which I thinks should be spelled Wendsday or Wennsday because who the hell says wed-ness-day??) and its is again a glorious frikkin' day. I gotta tell ya its just been an amazing week sunshine and heat wise. A little high for me on the heat but still glorious. The pool has been in daily use since Saturday...or Friday night...I forget actually but DEFINITELY Saturday. I haven't gone in though. To much work getting in...getting out...I guess I'd rather sweat. For now.
Plans for the summer are just zipping right along. We pull up stakes on the 29th (I think) and park the tent trailer at Cranberry on the 30th for the summer. except for HM's vacation when we move the trailer to another campground for a week. Here's the thing though....
The weather back home has been the absolute PITS for the whole spring. Even now its cold wet weather on a regular basis. what the Hell??! I don't want to freeze my ass off all summer. I wanna beach and play and star gaze and camp fire and beach and play.... I do NOT wanna be freezin'. I just don't know whats gonna happen with that danged weather back there . This is my big concern these days. Nice to have so little to worry about ain't it?
SOCK progress: Teri Lynn's sock one of her pair is now past the heel. On the gusset as of last night. Yay me.. Yay sock! Looking very stripey and gorgeous.
SHRUG progress: Not much! Its still in my suitcase semi fallen off the needles which will require repair so in the suit case it stays. I just could not get it knit on in time for wearing to the gala evening in Hawaii and now it just waits until I can't stand it being unfinished. Its on the list for completeion after Teri's socks.
School is out NEXT WEEK holy crap. Father's day is Sunday...bigger holy crap. Gotta get a card in the mail TODAY. Better late than never. I'm always late.
So, Monday was the 13th anniversary of HM's and my wedding. How lovely. When he got home he found my parking ticket (recieved saturday during Worldwide Knit in Public Day) and when I got home he YELLED at me. Can you believe this??? A) its a frikkin' ticket not a murder rap and B) it was our anniversary. No yelling on the anniversary! What the F%^&?!!! We started speaking again today. Making up isn't so hard. I am right and he is wrong and thats that. Ok, so YES it is my 4th or 5th ticket since moving here (2years) but I had many ticket free years before we moved to Traffic Cop central. I am amzed at the thoroughness of the parking cops in this frigging city. Its like they have nothing else to do. Its only $37 dollars and its not like thats going to put us in the poorhouse right NOW Mr Buying a Frigging Sailboat Maybe This Weekend. Yes $37ses do add up but in the whole grand scheme of the world, is a parking ticket a YELLABLE offence? I think not. Its not like I ask for them. Its not like I want a collection to admire in my old age. Jeez louise. Anyways, chat has returned and thats a good thing. Because I am right and he is wrong. Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong.
Vindication is sweet.

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