Saturday, June 16, 2007

So there I was..... 5:30 AM, mindin' my own business (sleeping) when HM bursts in barking "Dear!!?? Why didn't you tell me there was something wrong with the car??!!" . This of course startled me out of sleep to which I replied that there was nothing wrong with the car and he was crazy.
He was in an incredible panic/fume because he was supposed to be on the highway by then to Owen Sound, Ontario. He described the problem he'd detected...shaking and noise when driving. Didn't sound familiar to me and I driven said car a few times yesterday on various errands. I took it around the block and came back telling him he was nuts.
He took the car and me on the highway and sure enough...there was some wobblyness and racket. it seemed to originate from the back. Alignment? we wondered.
He went back to sleep (maybe...I know I did) and took the car for service later, still upset at missing his trip for the boat.
So there I was around 10 AM, sleeping again, when he bursts in barking "Dear!! I am SO MAD!!" I had my "uh-oh" face on at this so he hastened to add that it wasn't at me (whew). He took the car to the place where we'd had the new summer tires put on and asked for an alignment. they said they don't do it on Saturdays...WTF?? All this place does is TIRES. Thats it. No alignments on saturdays???? Which must be why they weren't aligned when HM had the tires replaced though they seemed to use a different excuse.
HM took the car to Canadian Tire. They performed the alignment and then told him that , oh by the way, the nuts on the rear wheels weren't tight!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT BATMAN!!!
So anyone in Terrebonne that might ever read this. AVOID " UNIPNEU" on Chemin Gascon. Bastards.
Needless to say HM returned to the place of purchase (1000$ spent thank you very much) and gave them an earful and will be laying a complaint at the door of the president of the company. How does a place that specialises in tires not tighten the lug nuts??? All I need is to be toolin' down the highway at my usual 120 km/h and have a wheel fly off for frig's sake. STUPID PEOPLE!! after all that HM calls boat guy and trys to make alternative visit time. Their schedules seem to conflict a lot so HM ended up going today anyways but may not make it home til tomorrow ( Father's Day). I requested that he find a motel and stay over rather than make the return trip tired because Father's day without anymore Father would suck pretty hard.
I'm glad he went because I still had to go FD shopping!! hahahahaha The boys and I hit l'Equipeur for some sharp looking dressy sandals (nice leather Denver Hayes brand) and saw this cool roadside assistance kit for a car so grabbed that too (WindRiver $12.99) and got me these sweet little cushy sneakers I saw yesterday and can't stop thinking about. They are a Pale sea foam green suede and mesh with white soles and memory foam insole. Sweet.
Then we hit GolfTown for a gift certificate. Then off to McD's because thats how I bribed the kid's to get in the car in the first place, then we cruised Wal-Mart for fine tuning our camping gear. Got a 3 drawer organiser thingy to hold our dishes and a big honking water jug. I think we are ready and good to go gearwise now. Now gotta scrub down the tent trailer and repack everything. Got almost two weeks to accomplish that.
What is your "Can't live without it" camping gear/meal/technique? What is it That makes your camping life better?


Suldog said...

Wow, that's scary stuff. I always trust the service people to at least keep my car from becoming a flaming wreck.

AliP said...

Seriously!! It is so scary that now not only am I useless as far as car repair, but I can't trust the experts either. Not that its the first time but still....