Friday, June 22, 2007

Fatigue etc

The last few days I am way fatigued. I thought it was from the bad nights of sleep on the weekend, and while that brain fogging body slam of tiredness has abated a bit, I am still ready to snooze come afternoon. Then I thought maybe it was the allergy meds...jury is out on that one cuz i think i didn't take any today since it rained and the pollen is less. Today I am fighting it off. Back damn, you! Back I say!!! I WILL NOT nap. So I puttered instead. I washed the cotton sweaters in my recycling stash to ready them for ripping and got the moebius shrug back on the needles. It had slipped off in my suitcase. Holy dropped stitches, Batman!! Now it is all picked up and a pattern repeat done. At 40 inches it is still about 14 short and I am thinking what a nice scarf it would be instead because I am heartily sick of working on it. Its not hard, just tedious. Almost boring. sigh. What to do what to do...
The boys will come screaming in about 30+ minutes from now full of SUMMER VACATION! It begins today for us. Both boys passed to the next grade, did I mention that? I now have a 3rd and a 4th grader. Oh my stars, whats the world coming to?

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