Saturday, June 23, 2007

Not a picture person

The Lotus Tank from Knitting Daily ( )
I am not a snap happy camera toting picture taking person. What Mom forgot to take First Day Of School photos? (hand raised) What Mom forgets the camera on momentous occcasions and outings? (hand goes up again) I am just not that into it I guess. Or maybe I am so focused on BEING there that I forget to record for posterity. And so I forgot to take my camera with me last night to Effiloche and take pictures of Sock #2 in Montreal at a stitch n bitch. I remembered well after I got home. Duh.

It was a very French evening but thats ok. I just really needed out with like minded people. I miss AndreAnne at these nights. She hasn't been coming and its a bit emptier without her laugh and smile. It was my last night for the summer because we leave on Friday morning. I am getting anxious because there are so many things to think of that I can't organise my thoughts to even make a nice organised list. Today we will wash out the camper. Thats a good start.

I am feeling at loose ends without HM around. I guess he is kind of an anchor for me......also when the house and kids get to be too much I can ditch them into his care. Is that cold hearted? I don't think so because where my family is concerned my heart burns hard and bright but needs a break more often than some.

Turns out HM will not actually get home until sometime tomorrow afternoon. Am I impressed? Not really. My information on this trip began with return being Today....then oh with time difference and cosmic forces it was Sunday morning (inferred as EARLY Sunday morning)...NOW the intel is that the plane lands 11:30 AM Montreal Time. This is the part that is irritating me. The trail of False Information that leads to my expectations being let down. This is whats eating at me. I am feeling distinctly hard done by. For no real good reason except this.

I did however buy yarn last night. Call it being high on yarn fumes but I did buy about 87 dollars worth of yarny goodness in the forms of Berroco's Ultra Alpaca in two shades for Cam's eventual sweater...(I needed to make sure I got enough of the main colour in the dye lot to match what we'd bought earlier. Colour two is a nice contrasting heathered brown(?). Its brown but with plummy tones in the heathering...or is it the red and blue fibers creating this non-identifyable colour that goes SO WELL with what Cammie puicked out. The skulls and cross bones colour work he requested is going to look amazing.) ...AND Hempathy yarn. I deserve something off my needles don't I?? So the Lotus Tank from Knitting Daily ( ) will be knit in Hempathy, a hemp/cotton/modal blend of a light green colour that I have been drawn to over and over. I got a couple extra balls to make sure I have enough. This will be the first top for ME and my first lace endeavor. When the socks and shrug are out of my way I will be casting on The Lotus. I feel guilt, as usual, for a large expenditure but its easing with the balm of my IRE of a single parent weekend just before my single parent summer. The fact that the summer away is of my own choosing is not important.
Mental much??

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