Friday, June 15, 2007

Its Friday

Aaaaaahhh. No early morning rush for 2 whole days. For me anyways. HM has a mission tomorrow which will have him leaving early early for Owen's Sound (or is it Owen Sound.....?) in Ontario with a cheque in his hot little hand. He's going to check out and most likely buy a 1986 MacGregor 25 swing keel boat. He's so excited he's practically prancing when he's home. Better not do that in public unless he want attention.
He has been corresponding with the owner who is, sadly, very ill and no longer able to sail. She's a pretty little boat in the pictures and has always been stored indoors for winter which is very nice. Poor thing will suffer in the change of ownership but hopefully HM will treat his true love better than he treats anything else he owns. (oil change?? Bahh.....)
The boys are both begging for sleepovers. Cammie wants Benjamin and Ben wants Julian. Since there is a language barrier I have said no because HM won't be here to make rules enforced etc. Maybe I should relent though because we only have a couple more weekends before we are gone for the summer.....
Daycamp is arranged for the boys in August when they come back here with HM after his vacation in NS. They each get a daycamp for the sport of their choice (Ben = golf, Cameron = tennis) and a week of sailing daycamp. Ben will thoroughly enjoy these. For such a difficult kid he loves daycamp and does make friends. Cameron on the other hand complains of no friends, boredom, bullies, air, sunlight, blah blah blah each and every time. Why send him? you say? BECAUSE the child must get off the sofa, we says. He always starts out wanting to go but then the reality of no sofa with constant snacking irritates him and he wants to stay home. Pray for my little potato will you? I will be too busy napping, drinking, visiting, doing grown up stuff without the kids back in NS for 2 whole weeks of solitude/adulthood.
Barb wants us (the 3 of us) for a few days and has offered the camp as incentive for coming down to the sticks and knitting with her. The big bonus here is A) Barb B) her kids C) I will PAY Matthew to babysit so we can run away and do grown up girl stuff if I must. It will also be nice to be on a farm again.
Ok..back to this weekend.... Its Father's Day! My dad's gift is upstairs waiting to be mailed today, late as usual. Hm does not yet have one. I really gotta figure out where Golf Town is. Or if there is a boating store somewhere in Montreal that I can get him a gift cert to.
Maybe I should be doing that NOW???
Teri's Sock update: Made mucho progress on the Metro yesterday. It may actually be time to check the foot length for when to decrease for toes. I'm becoming concerned about the July 1st finish date. Its the 15th of June now and I haven't finished sock one. How do other knitters get things done so frigging fast???? I could if I did NOTHING ELSE or gave up napping (Like thats ever gonna happen) I suppose but there is always something else to do.
Ok...time to Google....

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