Thursday, June 07, 2007

Brain Fog etc

I'm feeling all foggy in the head this AM. Lack of sleep due to a late night and multiple wee hour awakenings by kids? Mai tai deficiency? What could the reason be??
So, as y'all know I was in Maui for a Manulife conference as my husband's companion. What you may not know is that while we had tons of fun and adventure my wonderful sister, Jessie, kept watch over the wee'uns and the 4 leggeds and the house. Oh my gods my house was so tidy when I got home.
Now, some might think that looking after this house would be no big. This is not so!!! This is the house that CHAOS built!!! Two wacky kids, multiple pets, rapidly reproducing dust bunnies, and surrounding it all is FRENCH! Oy Vay! This is not life as we are used to back in Nova Scotia not to mention Jess had to find her way around Terrebonne carting the kids to and from school etc. Plus, you know, Jessie has not had children around 24/7 for a few years and one does become accustomed to sanity, I hear. She loves my guys when they visit but a solid 2 week encounter??Ooooh I was worried about her. So, this being what it is, Mission Almost Impossible, My sister deserves a great big something or other for doing such an amazing job and coming through it with her good humour and love for my family STILL intact. That in itself is amazing. I would have been sitting by the door with my bags packed when the parents got home. Instead we were greeted with happy bathed kids, banners and ballooons, hugs and kisses, smiles and cheer and CAKE. Yay Jessie Audrey!!!!!!!!! You rock beyond rockin'.
Holy smokes.
If you go over to She Said, She Said you will see the pictorial journey of Sock, whom I casted on during my sucky flight from Montreal to LA. Sock is #1 of a pair for my neice Teri Lynn of the wild mad scrapbooking skillz. In return she is making me crochetted (sp) shopping bags. Sock is now larger than it was in the photos and will soon acquire a heel flap. Maybe in an inch or so.
I got UV Gel manicure in May if you recollect, in prepatation for Maui. I wanted time to be used to them and the whole process of touch ups etc. Its now been a month and I gotta say i totally love having fingernails even if they are fake. When they get done I have them quite short, just to the tip of my finger. A good practical length but they still look so much better than bitten to the quick raggedy fingers. So I have decided that they are staying until I gets tired of them. So there. Now I need a GOOD nail salon in my hometown area for the maintenence this summer.
Anyhoo, this is all I can think of today. I have to go to a thing with HM tonight. I hope I can stay awake.

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Knitting Mama said...

Lucky you going to Maui! How was it?

I'm in Toronto for knit in public day! Doing the yarn shop crawl here

See you soon!