Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Holy heatwave Batman!!!

Its hot. Sticky and hot...which in pastry is a good thing but in weather around me is a bad thing. I am scrambling to make all ready for vacation and as I do this I am coated in a drippiong sheen of sweat. No ...not a sheen...more like a cascade. A salty cascade of sweat. Even while sitting still humidity is condensing on my skin because my skin is cooler than the air around me! Must be my Fabulous Anatomical Temperature control (F.A.T.). All in all its icky. Its windy too and the wind is hot which if anything makes it worse. I have closed up the house and am willing the cold air from my bedroom a/c to fill the house. Indoors IS cooler than outdoors by a noticeable degree so its kind of working. Closong up the house helps with my pollen intake too. Holy sneeziness.
So, as I said I am scrambling. What am I forgetting?? I think frantically. Don't forget to wash sheets for the tent trailer! Does everyone have enough socks and underwear packed? Bugspray!? Should I bring extra blankets or are the sleeping bags enough?

Tonight I escape and go out with my friend Antonella. It will be good to get away from all the preparations. Tomorrow is pack up the tent trailer and we will collapse it in readiness for pulling out on Friday morning. My living room is looking like a camping goods store!

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