Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday again

Not that I am complaining because thats the day my kids are at school ALL day. I send lunches and snacks with them in the morning and don't see them again until I go and get them before six pm. This is MY day off. And today is the last one I will see until August as far as I know unless someone takes pity on us and takes over for a day (like my sister who has already offered to have them for a sleep over sometime this summer).
I was so cryingly achingly TIRED this morning thanks to two nights of bad sleep and then insomnia struck last night. Sorry, no poems went through my head this time. It was knitting ideas in my brain and the frustration at how I don't know enough to make the ideas happen in yarny goodness. Oh well. After the kids went to school I had a 10 AM appointment at the nail salon and I did in fact get them off for the summer. So here I type with weird stubby fingers again instead of lovely tipped ones.
I took back the "too small" items purchased yesterday at l'Equipeur for exchange. I got the bestest shorts yesterday and today in exchange for the too small dressy ones I took back, I got 3 pair of massively reduced price bestest ones. SWEET! It cost me 83 cents extra but i say Wow! Lets Go For It!. I am well and truly shorted for the coming summer/s. So comfortable. No pinch, no ride up, no leg length issues.......I am happy.
Did some more shopping (Walmart and the Italian food place for supper fixin's) and then it was home for the CRASH. A 2 hour coma, I mean nap, on the sofa and now I am hard at it with laundry and fish tank cleaning.
Fish over it. Tired of the extra hassle of filters and feedings and cleaning. We are down to the final 4 fish and now I just wait..... Granted in two weeks its outta my hands so who knows what will greet me at the end of August, eh?
My finger is feeling a bit better and looks ugly. I will be glad when its lost that tenderness from having the nail savagely ripped off by the oven door. Its actually more like half the nail is missing ...looked worse at first because the long part was gone too, obviously. Only half the nail bed is exposed...TMI? Sorry.
ALLERGY SEASON is here for me and hard. I have been much worse so I will not complain because as of yet I am not a snivelling sick mess on the sofa. I merely suffer my grass pollen allergy right now with much sneezing and snorting and blowing of nose and rubbing of said incredibly ITCHY nose. So far eyes ears throat and roof of mouth are ok. My head is not ready for removal...but I will keep you posted. Like I said, so far so good.
This allergy began when I was about 8 years old. I still remember the day it began, playing War in the tall grass of a neighboring unkempt lot. I emerged from my "patrol" sneezing my head off with violently swollen eyes and a streaming nose, running to my blearily perceived mother in the group of adults, also blearily perceived through said swollen streaming eyes. I have had years where the reaction to grass pollen is so strong I am more or less a prisoner in the house trying to avoid exposure. Nothing works for total relief but right now Allegra D is my friend. I really hope I don't build up a resistance to it like the other antihistamines because this one is the best so far thanks to its added decongestant and whatever miracle drug that is different in it than the other ones. Allegra I loves ya. I am functional thanks to you. Although if you could kick it up a notch I'd be ever so grateful. Not quite giving the relief of the last couple of seasons (3...4..?)near as I can recollect. OR maybe I am finally over reacting to the different grasses here...dammit.
I think I will go get something to drink. Feeling dehydrated today. Must be all the mucous production.

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