Thursday, May 24, 2007

T minus..uuuhmmmmm

Ok..we leave, like, really really early in the morning. Thats not a good beginning to a trip in my opinion. All doings should take place much later than really really early in my honest and much sought after opinion.
I think I am packed. I'm pretty sure. Pretty much. My sister even ironed my wrinked stuff. Not my face...clothes! And then I packed them. Again.
The cat box is cleaned, the fish tank is cleaned, the kids are hugged and kissed and hugged and kissed and threatened and hugged and kissed repeatedly.
The dress was picked up today...squee!!!!!!!!! Its a better shade of green that the swatch had been and I just really like this dress. Jessie even really liked the dress. Ginette said 'va-Va-Voom!" at me in the dress so thats gotta be good right? And with left over fabric Daniel made me a a wee simple evening bag, lined with the same lining as the dress. Cuuuutte!!!
Bad news? My feet are swollen with water retention (It was real hot today) and I have a new zit to keep Zit One company. How nice.
At Effiloche today, Jessie bought 3 skeins of sock yarn to keep me occupied after this summer's knits. Or during maybe...LOL
EVEN a skein of JITTERBUG! I have been wanting to knit with it but hadn't gotten around to buying some. Gorgeous colourway of electric blue and other vibrant colors. FUN!!! gotta go soak in the tub, shave my legs, pumice my feet and redo my toenail polish. Or maybe I could go watch Painkiller Jane with HM.....

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Have a GREAT time!