Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I am no longer making 5 pairs of slippers. I am not in love with these slippers so I refuse to knit 5 pair. So, Taylor is getting slippers, Holly is getting a hat which is over half done in less than a day and is very purple, Annika....don't know yet...mittens?, Heather..maybe still slippers since I won't need to fudge the numbers around, Payton...I dunno..maybe still slippers but different ones. Lorne's getting a hat too. His mittens turned ladies size so its a hat for him.
Of course my hats are PLAIN PLAIN PLAIN because I don't know how to cable yet.


Tara said...

Plain knitting: that's where your self-striping or variegated yarn comes in!

AliP said...

Yeeeeaaaah...'cept for all the plain coloured acrylic that I bought for said unlovable slippers...LOL I am jazzing up anything girly with horrendous novelty yarn yrim. Very glam, non?:oD LOL

Vicky said...

Do what you have to there girl. I'm sure they will love whatever they get!!!!!