Sunday, November 11, 2007

In retrospect...

I went on Ravelry and looked at the other slippers. Mine are not so bad actually. They just don't have a certain something I was looking for. I will tweak my plan and see if it improves. The main problem is the strap. I don't understand how to crochet it and maybe I could switch it to I-cord? I don't know.


Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

So where is the photo evidence?

Tara said...

Hi Ali,

Thanks for the info regarding the meet up in Repentigny next week. I'll try to be there, especially since the following week, my husband will be out of town, leaving me with the two cherubs.

Re gorfing: I ran out of yarn on a sock a while back, so I decided to rip out some of the cuff to use to complete the toe. Since you can't actually reverse rip out ribbing, I coined the term "gorfing". It's frogging in reverse. I guess technically, it would be reverse tinking (or upside-down tinking?), but that would be knitting, which is DEFINITELY not what I've been doing. :)