Thursday, November 01, 2007

Apres Halloween

I pulled the plug on trick or treaters around 8:20 pm or so...after my guys got back home and needed their haul sorted. I had fewer than seventy t and t-ers this year and many many compliments on our decor efforts. Best house on the block I am sure. Not that I am competitive or anything. Lots of candies left over though. Blossom and I wore our hula skirts but her lei broke last night and mine was irritating so we were lei-less hula girls, me and my dog.
After candy safety check and bed times HM and I got to crash out on the sofa and watch Bones. I love that show. He left this morning on a business trip so while I was candy checking last night he was packing. Curled up on the sofa was our quiet cuddle time.
The news today has a sad sad sad story. In the community of Ile Perrot a 3 yr old was run down IN THE YARD of her caregiver in a quiet neighborhood by cars driven by possibly racing teenagers. The teens will appear in court today charged with dangerous driving causing death.

Here are two news articles....note the discrepancies. Its the tragedy of it though that hits me in the stomach and makes me want to vomit. As parents many of us try to make choices that keep our children happy and safe. It just hurts and scares so bad that no matter what we do as parents to ensure the health and welfare of our children...some FUCKING ASSHOLE IDIOT can tear the family apart. Thats all it takes! Two kids with their heads up their asses, trusted by THEIR elders to operate a motor vehicle in a responsible way, made a really fucking stupid immature (enter your expletive and adjectives here)choice, and because of that a little girl lost her life. An innocent child in a "safe" place to play and be and innocent child. These young adults..not children..robbed this family of having their baby grow up and have her turn at having a life, maybe becoming someone that could save lives or make a difference to the world. Unfortunately we will never know because these guys that were out having some laughs killed her. Some fun eh? The sickest part? One driver was only (ONLY??) 17 and will probably be tried in YOUTH court. Y'all know what that means right? Can you say wrist slap?
I wish I could just gather that family up in my arms and hold them tight and make it all go away. That poor poor baby girl.

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Suldog said...

Hideous story. God bless the parents - of all of them. It sucks.

As for Halloween, I envy you. We must live in the worst neighborhood for Trick-Or-Treating in the universe. You can see my blog for the sad details.