Friday, November 09, 2007


I am feeling MUCH better. Slept like the dead last night once I finally went to bed. Awesome. Ready to try some holiday shopping actually. The laundry can wait again right? That floor doesn't need to be mopped soooo badly does it?
Actually it does but I want to buy me a new mop (ooh the excitement NEVER ends here at Chez Knitwitch). BeeMop has a new improved mop head with a scrubby side and yes my pretties my kitchen floor NEEDS a scrubby side for some reason. There are stuck ons that won't come off without a brush or scrubby and its very annoying.
Know what else is annoying? I went all antibacterial on the main floor bathroom yesterday with the SprayNine spray in an effort to kill some germs and viruses (cold, anyone?). Today?? There is toothpaste that looks like it was fingerpainted onto the countertop. I could just cry I'm so mad. I will NOT be the one cleaning it up either. Do you hear me Thing One?? Oh you will be hearing me come lunchtime don't you think you won't. And daddy is working from home today so I has BACKUP! Gods, i do not know what would become of us if I was single and had no Daddy to threaten my kids with cuz they sure as hell don't listen to me unless I let the crazy out to play.
I digress.
I will go buy a new mop today. The new improved Bee Mop with the scrubby side. I don't know how I have lasted this long without it because back home I always had a BeeMop. I moved to this place and I guess I thought it was built with Teflon? Or that I would suddenly become a good housekeeper and keep up with everything like Jessie does? It only lasted a few weeks and things started slipping.
Speaking of back home.
HM is exploring other employment opportunities again. It actually gives me stomach pains to think about it. I don't adjust well to change and it has taken me 2 1/2 years to adjust to this one. Now he is exploring other avenues and I feel the acids start to churn but thats just me. This time there is no desperation involved so its all good. He has the attitude of "I plant the seed, lets see what grows" and I think thats very healthy. There is no brooding or worry or angst involved.
He has been playing his cards pretty close to his vest because he knows I fret so he's been up to this for longer than I have been aware of which is really too bad because isn't it my job as life mate to support and be understanding and listen and be his rock? So now its out in the open and if he needs to talk about it I'm here and I can just make sure I have some Tums somewhere in the house that I can nibble on the sly. Because I am his support and foundation and I have strong shoulders. Just not such a good tummy with the worry. Not that there is anything to actually worry about. But change makes me worry and there we are.


Suldog said...

I'm going to give you a cleaning tip that you will definitely thank me for later. Get the "Mr. Clean Magic Eraser". It is, without doubt, the best cleaning product I've ever used. Tough stains on floors, porcelain, tile, etc., come off with much less effort expended than you would think. So far as I know, it can be used on painted surfaces without harming them, but try a patch that can't be seen to be sure. White goods (stove, refrigerator, toilet, whatever) are very easy to clean with this thing.

I know I'm going on as if it were a gift from the gods, but I hate cleaning stuff and this is just great.

K. said...

Yaaaaay you're feeling better!!!!!!!!

AliP said...

Thanks sweetlings! What would my cat do without your comments??! LOL
I forgot to buy the mop distracted by toy shopping.

AliP said...

Oh and yes I love Mr Clean Magic TOO! Isn't it magical?? Its the only thing that takes stains and marks out of my horrendous countertops.