Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday funk

I spent today running some errands and knitting. the knitting was a let down actually because what I tried didn't work out so well. I was attempting an EXTREMELY easy slipper pattern and all was roses until the end. I am not in love with the yarn (eeeew acrylic) but thee slippers are for kids so A) they will outgrow them fast and 2) they need to be easy care and ALSO) cheapness is necessary when one has several pair to make.
Not happy. Stupid crochet trim and strap. Stupid crochet. grrrrrrrr I am very disappointed.
I started Mom's xmas gift (wrist warmers) in a lovely raspberry pink colour of machine washable wool. They are going ok though I keep losing my place even with the row counter.
Last night HM and I went out wityh the intention of food, shopping , and a movie. Well, we got the food (Calva in Laval VERY good) and we got the movie anyways. We thought Walmart would be open for xmas shiopping but it wasn't and neither was just about anything else though we did discover a Renaud Bray open on Fleury and purchased a couple of books for gifts.
They got snow back home last night I heard today. We have been way chilly but no snow on the ground yet.
GOOD NEWS: My nephew and his wife had their ultra sound this week and the baby is ok! This was welcome news after their last pregnancy and a real jolt of joy for everyone that got the word. I hear that its a boy and this is my sister's first grandson after 3 grand daughters. How exciting!
Anyways, I will go make myself be busy now that I wasted the day on a defunct slipper. DAMMIT!
Hope your Sunday is happier than mine.

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Tara said...

I too share your distaste for the acrylic. But sometimes form has to take a backseat to function! :) (BTW: thanks for your advice on my blog!)