Sunday, December 02, 2007

New Yarn

The lovely ladies of Ariadne Knits (see links sidebar) have moved from a soley cyber shop to also merchandise their wares in the physical realm of shopkeepery.
Located on the (hard for me to find)corner of St Jacques and Laporte, Ariade Knits boasts an inventory of yarns unlike those of the other shops in town. Cherry Tree Hill, Lorna's Laces, Lamb's Pride, Cascade 220....these are but a few of the lovely yarns brands they carry currently and their selection can only get better. The parking is free in that area too!
Granted some of the yarns are NOT cheaps (My Cherry Tree Hill set me back 22$ a skein)BUT the Cascade and Lamb's pride are very very reasonably priced yarns for less delicate projects at less than 9$ per skein.
i felt up some O Wool Balance which is a gorgeous cotton wool blend. You get the great feel of cotton with abit of wool's sproing in a nicely tweedy two tone yarn. It would make for a scruptious sweater that you could comfortably wear against the skin. Something casual.
I really liked the denim blue of the Lamb's Pride Worsted and its a brand that also had a bulky weight and a HUMONGOUS "Burly" weight. Big bulk but not the skinny to thick back to skinny of some bulky burly yarns which is great for texture but not so fun to knit up. Very interesting.
Madly in love with the Reynolds "Whiskey" and there were a couple of silk blends that I loved the feel and look of.
Yes, I came home with sock what. I have Serengeti colourway and the African Grey colourway which is anything BUT grey. I thought that Serengeti could be for anothe pair of socks for HM but maybe its toooooo pretty for a man, hmm?


Tara said...

DEFINITELY too pretty for a man. ;)

K. said...

gorgeous colors!!!! I'll definetly be there on wednesday!