Tuesday, November 20, 2007


i have a cat in the lap so typeing is hard.
laundry still not done but i did vacuum. yay. today we woke to snow!! Kids were thrilled. yay! but now its drizzling.
Ok cat is done and typing can resume. Last night I completed my first pair of xmas slippers. Only 4 more to go and some mittens. Oh and the hand warmers. They are 75 percent done.
My house is cold. The main floor thermostats are light sensitive ..at dusk they will turn back to a night time set temperature. Unfortunately even though this is awesome for the electricity saving properties of never forgetting to turn back the heat before bed since its light sensitive and today is dim, the thermostats think its dusk and are NOT warming up to daytime set temperature. Brrrrrrrr. and Grrrr. If I break down a turn up the night time temp I may forget to set it back..I am forgetful so this is very possible.
Another peeve. My mom, the woman who birthed me, forgot (quote unquote)that I sorta collect hard cover books (if they are good and I liked them or they are a classic title etc)since I was in high school( not to mention I went to friggin' university and hold a BA in English Lit) and told my aunt she could have the over a hundred year old copy of Vanity Fair she has lying around. WTF?? To say I was flabbergasted is an understatement. Words were said. Gasping was done. Stammering was also done because before the words were said I was gasping and speechless. Moll Flanders will not have Becky as a neighbor on my shelf even though they have so much in common. Just another reason how I know my mom is slipping with her age. Lets be clear that I begrudge my wonderful aunt NOTHING. She fully deserves to have every antique book in the 'verse if she wants it and I love her dearly. This is about MY MOMMY not remembering that she has a (slightly)bibliophile child. She has no recollection of this collecting that I do even though she has in the past given me books she has come across (My Friend Flicka, National Velvet, maybe The Yearling but that coulda been Jessie, At The Back Of The North Wind...)at thrift stores or in bookcases in her house. The bibliophile child that calls her on the phone almost DAILY. I'd say I wasn't gonna call her daily anymore but I already forgot and called her to tell her how excited the boys were about the snow (DOH!). Let's just say I'm hurt that she forgot who/what I am.
Enough about that. I had to write it and get it out. There are several issues tangled in with it such as her age, her age related mental slippings and health, etc ad infinitum.. Moving on...
Today I will attack the laundry with renewed vigour. Also I get my hair trimmed today. Yay a trip to the stylists chair! I love getting my hair cut. Its the attention and bit of pampering that goes with. Maybe I should get my nails done too? But then the laundry wouldn't get conquered would it?
As I fold endless loads of laundry I will listen to podcasts. Love listening to podcasts while knitting and folding laundry. Yay for podcasts. For supper I am going to do that chicken and baked pasta that I did about a month or so ago. It was SO good. Have to pick up chicken on the way home.
Hope everyone has a great day. Stay warm!

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Tara said...

My daughter was also super stoked about the snow today.