Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I finished my Mom's first Handwarmer for xmas and am on row 8 of #2. I'm going to have a whole skein of Sublime leftover! Jessie's second sock came off the needle in my bag and so needs a rescue that I haven't had the energy for. Taylor's second slipper is on the needles now.
I am tired. Monday I slept 17 out of 24 hours. How weird is that?
These semi-back to back viruses are kicking my ass just a bit with the fatigue. And yes I still get dizzy especially when I look waaaay up. Now HM is poorly too. Like me he's having tummy upset, fatigue, but not the horrendous head cold I had. He's got some leg stiffness too thats unusual. The man literally drops when he gets home if he dares curl up against me on the sofa. Next thing i know is he is snoring and thats just odd (that he falls asleep not the snoring.).
I'll be glad when we are both well and feel like ourselves again. He has a doctor's appointment for a physical like I had a couple weeks ago since he is due for one and he's feeling poorly so better to make sure its nothing serious. Lets be clear, this is a man who soldiers on through any illness unless it really knocks him down. He is not a guy who gets sick with a sniffle and then whines all the time. That would be me! LOL So when he admits to feeling under the weather, there really is something going on.
I hope he feels better soon. this whole last month has rather sucked


picperfic said...

oh i do hope you are both feeling in tip top condition soon...Barry and I are under the weather and energy levels are rather low. It's the time of year, well it is in the UK lol

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Hi Sunshine! Hope you guys recover soon.

Vicky said...

Hopeboth of you get feeling better. It certainly does wipe ya right out.

Tara said...

I'm just getting over a stomach flu myself. It's that time of year, I guess!