Friday, November 02, 2007


Today we will be going to the kick ass Biodome in Montreal.
Its gonna be wicked. As sucky a parent as I am, I love outtings. I am all over the field trip. Sweeeeeet.
Sully asked about the puking punkin and as much as I would like to say I came up with it allllll by myself, I didn't. I saw one online and thought it was funny. Now, that said, I WAS gonna take it to a higher plane of funny by building my pumpkin headed man and have him surrounded by empties and puking pumpkin guts down his shirt, but SOMEONE didn't cut my wood for me and when I asked how to use the circular bench saw he freaked out. He said he'd cut the wood but he didn't. But i'm not bitter. Much. I had the clothes...had the punkin...had the chair for him to sit in and the empty bottles....had no wooden body frame...ggggrrrrr.
I told some kids that "Le citrouille mange trop beaucoups des bonbons!!" hehehhee. I was gonna put broken candy in with the pumpkin innards but thought that might be gross.
Thing Two was indeed a Ninja...again. The child loves ninja costumes. he was a red ninja 3 or 4 years ago and he wears that costume to BED!! LOL He likes the slippery material. He wasn't as geared up as I would have had him...there was this way cool apparatus to be worn like a back pack and it held two swords that he could have whipped out and I think it cam with plastic ninja stars and he coulda hung numchuks from the belt. But SOMEONE deemed it too expensive. Yes it waaaas getting pricey what with Thing One picking a pricier costume but we forgot to put a price cap this year (duuuuh..I blame it on my dizziness..thats the weekend it started). Every costume Thing Two picked was sold out in his size so Black Ninja it was. Man, I could SO make a ninja costume...I really should be a better mother. Two years ago I made him into a cool Harry Potter Playing Quidditch. he had burgundy robes with gold bias tape trim, glasses, a broom and a golden snitch attatched to it with a spring. Thats when I learned that gold spray paint melts styrofoam. Also, it took 5 latherings to get the black hair spray colouring out of his blonde hair.
My SIL and I have a competition every Nov 1st to kick off the Xmas season. Its to see who calls who FIRST to play Xmas music over the phone. I used to get her almost every year because A) I had wee'uns that woke me up early and 2) she was up getting ready for work with no time for this silliness. Then I moved here and with the hour time difference she has kicked my ass two years running. Last year she called at 5:30 AM our time and scared the crap outta us and woke the whole house. Pissed me off too because you know how I love my sleep. This year I was not fully in the depths of sleep since HM had to leave so early on his trip. The phone rang about 10 times before I could finally track down a handset that was working. I thought maybe it was HM and he'd forgotten something,...the time? 5:50 AM. Nope it was Marilyn...she got me again. This time I laughed because dangit I had been planning my revenge ALL FRIGGING YEAR.
Did I tell you this already?? It sounds familiar....hmmm. Ok if I did I am very sorry. She's going down next year though...I have it on the Calendar and everything.
Knitting stuff: I ripped the Pirate Mittens again...totally. I haven't the attention span of a gnat and keep screwing up the chart royally. I will try again soon. Oh and Project #4 is the thrummed mittens. Gotta get them done. Maybe tonight. They are so fast but i am procrastinatey. post is BIODOME ramblings. Maybe with pictures. If I remember.

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