Friday, November 02, 2007

Head * Desk and repeat

ARGH. I gave in to the Startitis. I had to, y'know. Here I am with two squabblers that don't listen to me most of the time while SOMEONE is in Acapulco "working". I don't really consider golf and seadooing work even if it is with clients.
I digress.
After an great time at the Biodome, the kids got into it in the car. Then at Effiloche they were holy terrors until separated, one inside and one outside. They were much better after a stroll down St Hubert and the ride home was calm. Rented them each a game. All is well but it was just that bit of rambunctiousness that set my teeth right on edge. I needed something for ME dammit. I want my Mirasol Hacho in Tutti Frutti made into a scarf by golly.
So, I looked up a stitch pattern (chevron and feather stitch from Aug.31 in the stitch a day calendar), devised a pattern, and set to it after I wound two skeins into cakes. Its beautiful. I love it. The Hacho is lovely in the hands and on the needles. I have about 3 inches done.
Only to discover I have done every yarn over backwards.
Instead of wrapping around like a knit and over, I am bringing the yarn over the needle and then to the back again. Coming over the top as it were.
*K1, YO, K4, K2TOG, SL1, K1, PSSO, K4, YO, repeat from *, K1
Thats 4 YO on each RS row. I've done quite a few rows. I wondered why I wasn't getting the holes the picture on the calendar had but figured they just weren't showing up until I blocked it.
I still think its beautiful. I still love it. I will not rip out and begin again because I really like it.
Can someone tell me what a backwards YO is called so I can rewrite my pattern?

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Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

So, like, where are all the pictures, sunshine??