Thursday, November 08, 2007

Incoherent much?

That seems to be me today. On one hand its funny but on the other? Not so much.
I think its in my genes.
My mom suffers from cold hands. All the time she has the cold hands. I thought "why not make her fingerless mitts for xmas for try and help?" I asked Sister #2 what she thought. She thought it a great Idea. I asked sister number one. She thought I'd be wasting my time because mom is contrary and probably won't wear them. So there we have the vote split down the middle. I had to actually go to the Horse and have it from herself. I tried to be evasive and oblique about it but when sick, my sleuthing is not so strong. After a convoluted and very confusing conversation that ended up with me being crazy(er)I still had no answer! This I realised today when recounting the tale to sister one. 'Holy shit!" says I, "After all that she never answered the goddamn question!!!" Would she or would she not be willing to wear fingerless mitts indoors? I had to call again today. "Ma, you never answered my question yesterday!!" The answer is yes. She thought about it and with winter coming her hands would be even colder more often so yes, please make me some. Then came the discussion of favorite colours. Sweet Goddess save me. After another round of convoluted conversation she finally announced she liked pinks and blues.
So now the xmas surprise is gone but I know where I stand. I gotta track down some pink and blue superwash wool.

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