Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Wednesday night sadness

I am still sick. Did not kick cold's butt. Did not pass Go. Did not collect $200. Drank Earl Grey rooibos tea with hunny all day. Tried to yarn shop but got confused. I know I am on a yarn diet but I found the sweetest wee slippers to make for my 5 girlies (4 grandneices and one practically a neice). When I got to the store (Zellers ACK!!) and started looking at the polyester/acrylics that might stand in for Lions Brand Homespun, I forgot the needle size that the Lions Brand took. Thus the confusion in the aisle of candy coloured petroleum based yarn. I have figured it out though! Bernat Harmony fits the bill. I think. I need purple, pink, and blue for sure, but need to check on two more color choices.
Now I must try to eat something for the first time today. I never lose my appetite when sick but I sure did today.

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