Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Backwards Yarn Over Scarf WIP Pic

I am so in love with this yarn (Mirasol Hacho. Its a 100% merino wool spun in Peru. The fact that one helps others buy purchasing the yarn is very nice, but seriously? I bought it for its YUM factor.
Let me explain the YUM factor to you.
When I see and feel certain yarns or knitted items, I salivate. I don't know why. Its how I am wired apparently. If I salivate over your choice of colours and pattern or the colours and tectures of a yarn, thats what I call my YUM Factor. Mirasol Hacho in the colourway Tutti Frutti does it for me as does the Yarn Harlot's Latvian mittens on her blog this week. As does Jane Mumbles colour selctions for the Latvian mittens for her swap partner. I literally drool for certain colourways, patterns, and textures. Scary, non? I think its a sensuality thing. Not SEXUALITY( some people confuse these terms), but how the senses all combine to create an experience that is so much richer. I feel the yarn and caress it...I see the colours and the patterns created...these are the two primary senses involved in knitting if a person is highly sensual, ie experiences things strongly through their senses, it can cross over and make for unexpected physical reactions. Like drooling over something clearly unpalatable to the taste buds.
I love my the stitches pull what would be straight lines of colour in stockingette into those Vs and makes for a richer visual and tactile experience.
I'm just not sure how long the scarf should be. Long enough to be worn keyholed, as this is my preferred way to wear a scarf, and have the ends hang down nicely rather than stick out stiff.
Recipe For Alison's Casual Scarf to be named at a later date:
Yarn used: Mirasol Hacho in Tutti Fruitti Colourway.
Substitutions: if you are a supa-tight knitter I say go UP a needle size because you do not want a stiff unyielding fabric. I didn't work out guage but am not a tight knitter and went with the recomended needle size. Its a medium width scarf so if you use a much finer yarn then you may have to add another pattern repeat to your width and adjust Cast On Numbers appropriately. Pattern repeat on Right Side Rows is worked over 13 stitches Plus 1.
YObkwd = yarn over backwards (bring the yarn over the top and then to the back again)
Cast On 35 stitches.
Knit 4 rows.
Right Side Rows from row 5 onward as follows:
K4,**K1,YObkwd,K4,k2tog,SL1,K1,PSSO,K4,YObkwd..repeat from **,K1,K4
Wrong Side Rows from row 6 onward: K4, P27, K4
Repeat these two rows until the scarf is the length you want it.
Knit 4 rows and bind off.
Soak and block until fully dry. Wear with flair.


jane said...

That yarn certainly is yummy in that Willy Wonka everlasting gob-stopper kind of way (c. Gene Wilder). And thanks for the compliments on the mitten-in-progress. I'm glad to hear that the colours make you drool!

AliP said...

Mmmmmmmmmm.... Gob Stoppers......

My friend and I used to take those trout fishing with us because they lasted nice and long. Standing on a lake shore casting and re-casting, not catching trout, in the brisk spring air, sucking on gob-stoppers...good times.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Gorgeous Yarn!! Yes, indeed...