Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I'm a bit brain foggy this morning and my heads a bit swimmy...both symptoms of the dreaded forgotten meds too many days in a row. Oopsy.
Let's see...I had something to ramble on about...what was it...?
I'll free style it and see what comes:
Ravelry: Can I just say how much I love it AND hate it? I love it because its all about yarny people and their doings and interests. I hate it because I am LOST in there about a couple hours or more a day. Its such a time suck but such a good one. LOL 17 group memberships and counting. I am so sad.
A big thing that came from The Rav is that I am going to commence the Canadian Guild Of Knitters (CGK) Level One in January. Whoot! I am gonna learn SO MUCH. I'd been thinking about it and really thought, oh no thats for REAL knitters but you know what? Level One is a course on the basics and its going to force me to branch out and accomplish so much more than I have the skills for right now. I am very excited. Someone posted a question about it in the Canadian Knitters group and next thing you know there are a pile of us in a spankin' new group for Level One-ers. We've agreed on a late January start date so that we all have time to scrounge the fundage for fees (membership and course fees add up to 85$) and get our registrations settled. We come from all over the country and are in the group to support and encourage one another through it. Very cool. Of course soemone had to point out that the CGK is only administered to by 2 people and made like its not as established as the American one. To that I say Fuck that! If I wanted to be and American knitter I'd be one. The CGK is only 5 years old and if Canadians can't get behind their own "national" guild because it doesn't have lots of judges to weigh in on your swatches thats pretty lame. Its a frikking many people need to examine it to decide if you mastered the technique or not? I am proud to be Canadian and a Canadian Knitter. Lets just leave it at that.
Lets see...what else...
Did I mention Cameron lost his bottom retainer? Its going to take 200$ and a week for a new one. Argh. Could this come at a worse time of the year?? (holidays, winter tires, birthdays)
Oh I know. Yesterday I rented the new on video Waitress. I wantyed to see this at the theater and I waited for it to come out...I anticipated this flick, ok? And it played at exactly ONE Montreal theater that I am aware of for maybe a week. WTF? So then it was wait for the video grumble grumble. And yesterday was THE day. I went to Blockbuster and rented it as well as disc one of the Tudors for afternoon laundry/knitting TV.
Waitress was delightful. I loved it. I laughed out loud and I teared up. I watched it all alone and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Andy Griffith was funny and touching as the crotchety old man Joe. He killed me. Nathan Fillion has great timeing comedically as always and his usual handsomeness but also played his role very well. Awkward, infatuated doctor. If only I had HIM nuzzling my neck while I bake. Oooh la fuckin' la.
Ok..but the big thing for me was that Keri Russell can actually act rather than just be pretty. I mean, I hated that Felicity TV show and thought she was pretty lame. Oh My Gods. She was great as this bitchy cranky troubled woman. I am taking back every bad thing I thought about her talent. Its not her fault that she gets cast as sacchrine sweet characters. This was an excellent character for her.
Jeremy Sisto: Remeber what a freaky character he played on Six Feet Under? Here he is being a nut but wow he does it good. Favorite scene? Him coaxing his wife to have sex. It was like a 4 year old asking for cookies. Please?.......Please?.........Please?....... ROFL
After I watched Waitress, and almost every special feature,then I HAD to bake a pie. Watch the movie and I dare you to try to fight that urge. I dares ya.
I used to bake more and i dunno, life gets in the way sometimes and the fact that if it ain't chocolate half my eaters won't touch it...its a frustration. Anyways, I went to my Company's Coming Pies book and dug out old fave "Flapper Pie". Its a vanilla custard pie with meringue. I had all the ingredients unlike for French Silk pie my other old fave and apple cream pie needs pastry crust so that weren't happenin'. Anyhoo, Benoi decided he wanted to help and may I just say that we had a great time. Its an easy unfussy pie so there was no stress. We just toodled through it and had fun. Bonus: Ben actually TRIED the pie later loved it. He has never A) tried a pie I made or B) liked one. YAY! After pie making we cooked supper together. that didn't go as smoothly because what I had on the menu was not what he wanted to cook but we compromised and he made a "salad" for he and Cameron to share. Lets just say these kids are not salad eaters. He got out the veggies they like (celery carrots and cuke) washed them, cut them and put it all in a bowl. He had such fun. AND they ate some. There is enough left over for tonight which made Ben proud and happy. When you have a child with a learning challenge (ADD) these little things can make a kid feel so much better about themselves and what they are capable of. Its a nice change from the nagging and scolding and negativity.
Yesterday I cleaned the outside of the fridge (brushed steel is a pain in the ass, just so's you know BUT the Magik brand of cleaners is awesome!!) and went through the kid's school calendar and marked all their inservice days on the big family calendar. Let me just say holy moley they get lotsa time off. Last day before Xmas is the 21st and they don't go back til the 7th of January. Holy smokes.
Magik cleansers: HMan bought them not me. I don't usually jump on a cleaning product bandwagon but he hates the flat top stove because of the marks it gets so he bought the magik brand cleaner for that and it works so much better than whatever we had before that. Next thing I know is that theres a spray bottle of another Magik product, this time for the brushed steel appliances (think these are hints maybe???) so yesterday I was all 'chyeah as if its gonna work better than what I do already". Long story shortened: it did. SO, if you have a flat top stove (love mine) or steel appliances you must try Magik cleaners.
I think thats it for now. My knitting has stagnated a tad because what I am making just doesn't excite me (acrylic slippers) and I haven't figured out the right combination for Lorne's mitts. I am thinking he will get a hat. Hats are simpler. See how I need the Level One?


Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

I think you need a maid. That way you can spend more quality time with your knitting! :)

Tara said...

The Tudors: Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Be still my loins. And thanks for the pie recipe book. I've just added it to my Chapters Wish List. :)

AliP said...

Now see, I find JRM very creepy looking! LOL But the first disc of the series was very good if too short!
Man there is a lot of boobs in this series...LOL Full nipplage at least once an episode. Henry was a very busy king.