Thursday, November 01, 2007

Feels like Friday

Its Thursday night and nice and quiet. Almost too quiet. NAAAAAH. Never too quiet...hehehhehhh.
Watched Grey's tonight with no interuption...thats weird. I knit on Jessie's second sock of pair two which was started last night between trick or treaters. They will be pretty much Identical socks after all. I was thinking they'd end up more fraternal but the colour variation worked in my favor, so, yay.
I have the worst case of startitis. i thought getting that sock started would be enough but its just not. I can't have another project on the go though....thats just asking for UFOs galore. Yet there is yarn in my stash calling to me to start myself a scarf or hat because its getting cold out there. Be QUIET bequiling Peruvian merino. sigh....
The only answer is to get something DONE. Socks, mittens, sweater, and...hmmm...I thought there were 4 projects...think think think...
Like I said its getting colder and yet we ordered no firewood. Haven't really discussed ordering it either. I think maybe with the over spending of summer and stress of this Autumn it fell by the wayside and we may need to rely on store bought logs like Javalogs or something.
Did I say it was too comes a munchkin now!

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