Sunday, September 17, 2006

What a fabulous day.........

We started off slow and easy and then eventually hit the road looking for an apple Upick. Whee! Out in the St Eustache area there was a lot of farm visit action happening. We got 3 bags of apples for $27 and one bag is all Royal Galas..yum. I will be drying apples in the dehydrator and making sauce and maybe freezing some. We ahd a great time. Then it was farther down the road to a honey farm. Oh man it was cool. We got hunnies, wine, beeswax, and honeycomb. Petted animals and played on the playground. What a nice place! Intermiel I think was the name. In St Benoit.
Then it was home to shower the boys and out for chinese buffet at Chateau De La Lune . YUM. I was so full!!!! Thought I'd explode but it was soooooo good. Creme caramel and chocolate pudding for dessert for me. I ate a lot of veggies and it was my main meal of the day (apples and yogurt the rest of the day) so i feel less guilty than I should/would.
This week I discovered that almost none of my pants/jeans fit. This so sucks and I will NOT buy new pants. So either I am gonna get mighty cold or I will lose some weight. In semi desperation I hit the diet aids section at Jean Coutu. One of my problems is that I am always hungry. I have heard befor ethat hoodia helps with that so I was looking for that. It is expensive but if it saves me from myself I'll try it (within reason). I got something with Hoodia in it and it seems to be helping. I just cannot force myself to follow some diet "plan" or what have you. I just want the hunger to stop so I can decrease the calorie intake. So I can have ONE of something not a dozen. So far so good. Now we have heaps of apples for snacking and making healthy muffins etc. We'll see how this goes again and I am keeping it to myself so that I feel less shame if I flop yet again. Also, Wednesday is the day I want to start at Curves again. I must. I'm just so tired all the time. Vicious cycle. Here's hoping. Eat less..sleep at normal. It could happen!


Tigerlily said...

I tried Hoodia, and it didn't work for me. Same for my Mom, and a friend of mine who went on the same things I did. Was a huge waste of money. Tried Trimspa, and NV, and just plain Hoodia, but they didn't work. The only thing that has worked is actually just doing South Beach Diet (and following phase one strict for two weeks = dropping up to 14 lbs!... guaranteed). If you eat a lot of things like I do that involve sugars, breads (cakes, cookies, chips) and not enough of the good stuff, then this will probably work wonders. I did phase one a few months ago and lost 11 lbs and have only gained back 2 (so I've kept 9 off). I'm probably going to go back on it soon though as the added weight is probably a factor to my back pain as well. A good friend of mine is doing Herbal Magick (it's like LA weight loss centers etc.) and has lost some weight with it, but it costs $$$. At least with South Beach, you actually end up spending less money. Buy the book... it's worth the read. I can't say enough how much I liked this diet, and I don't like to diet!

Whaledancer said...

I've done the low carb and it totally works (For 3 years off and on). I'm just too tired to be so restrictive. So far I am eating MUCH less. I'm just not hungry. I am eating my meals (usually lunch and supper or breakfast and supper)but I am not eating ALL the time, munch munch much, or wanting to eat all the tiem. And I'm NOT cranky or feeling deprived. How odd eh? I'll wait before I say for sure that the Hoodia is helping.