Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thursday Morning...... is now Thursday. Yesterday was a bit of a shock. Where I come from, folk don't usually get shot in large numbers. I am glad that our Sarah isn't at Dawson yet. It is her CEGEP of choice for next year although i don't know how that will go after this bit of business. Thanks to all deities that she was born a year too late for this.
I started thinking wintery thoughts yesterday. The air is cooler and the days are shorter. i have been gathering seeds from my flowers and vegetables (well...the peas so far) for next years plantings and for sharing. Mega thanks to Scarlet for the Four O'clocks seeds from the "volunteers" in the gardens at her place. Today I managed to find three "ripe' seed pods from my morning glories (but one got dropped) and each contains up to 4 seeds. Many more to come for sharing. They were amazing..I wish i could post a pic because they took over our lamp post and its surrounding garden with only 3 plants.
Oh, back to wintery when I was talking to my mom on the phone the talk turned to knitting and her making slippers for my big bro Kenny. I started wishing I could make some for my boyses then it struck me : INTERNET SEARCH!! I came up with a winner too! WooHoo. Its a felted slipper thats mega easy to construct. Of course I have already screwed it up because I measured incorrectly BUT it may still work. It was the beginnings of a pair for Cameron but they may be too big if they don't shrink as much as I hope. I'm still excited though and need to buy a new sewing tape measure since mine has gone AWOL and feet don't measure good with a ruler. Whoda thunk it? Check it out and make yourself some foot cozies!

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