Thursday, September 07, 2006


I forgot to write about a funny moment. My youngest offspring has a quirky sense of humor like his mother (thats me). On the weekend, my husband made himself an elaborate sandwich. As he left the kitchen without it he said "Don't touch my sandwich!!" which is pretty much SCREAMING at me to touch the sandwich. I turned to Cameron and said "Heh heh heh. We should hide his sandwich and say I ate it. He'll flip out.hehhehhehhehhehhehhehheh" It began with a mild chuckle but The more I laughed the more Cameron laughed and so it continued until we were shrieking with uncontrollable giggles and then my husband hollered from upstairs "What did you DO!?" which made us say "Nothing!" quickly and laugh as hard as ever. Since he knew we were up to something it made no sense to pilfer the 'wich so we left it where it was.
Its kinda nice to have spawned a partner in crime. Mwahahahahahahahaha

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