Thursday, September 21, 2006

Knitting bug has bit again....

Once in awhile the knitting bug bites and I must knit and buy yarn that I may never use. I google patterns that I can do (retard proof). Through this sporadic knittiness I have actually expanded my skills so that I can now cast on, cast off, make stitches (type of increase), and knit two together (decrease). I suck at anything that makes me switch stitches from knit to purl. I just cannot do this for any extended time. I've never finished a sock or a mitten but not for want of trying, but learned to knit with 4 and 5 needles and circulars. I have knit scarves, a big shawl in fancy yarn, 2 pair of slippers. I am known for NOT completing projects. So why does the bug KEEP ON BITING ME?????
My mom was a knitter par excellence. Now she likes to knit little things like bulky socks because her arms hurt and she gets tired and finds it harder to concentrate on patterns at her age. She has the most HUGE stash of crappy polyester and acrylic yarns in the 'verse. I prefer natural fibers as much as possible but yesterday I did buy some acrylic for hats etc. I have always been surrounded by yarn and needles. Its a compulsion born from environment I think.
I love the colors and softnesses. I love love love alpaca yarns but can't afford them usually. I love the textures of fancy yarns like the boucle style wool/silk/mohair blend I made my shawl from. Living in Terrebonne, I have no good yarn shop nearby. Zellers and Walmart have their sections but the yarns are mostly ho hum. Laval has a yarn shop in the Carrefour but I went and was seriously underwhelmed. I must get to the Wool Shop in Point Claire. i cannot believe that its the only specialy knitting shop in Montreal. Jeez! Back home I had several throughout the province and some were in very small towns like Mahone Bay.
I miss yarn shops. Sources of temptation and comfort. It is the time of year now that thoughts turn to being cozy while winter winds blast. Time for preserving, cleaning, and making warmies. I have a pattern for a super easy hat, VERY warm, BUT I cannot find 16 inch circular needles in the size I need. grrrrrr.
I need a stitch and bitch group. Folk with my kind of "problem".sigh

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