Friday, September 22, 2006

Good Old Fashioned Can-Do Attitude

Thats what I have. It comes from my homesteading time. If you can't buy what you need then find another way and remember, it just has to work, not look good. Well, I put this attitude to work for me yesterday.
The only size 13us or 9mm circular needles in a 16 inch length I could find were over 26 dollars. Yeah, thats right. For fucking pointy sticks with a cord betwixt them. Not gold plated or anything. Apparently the "best"brand too. Phht..yeah whatever. No frigging way!
So I toddle over to Zellers again (ick) and stare at the needles, willing them to turn into 9mm, 16 inch circulars rather than the 32 inchers that were there. Much sighing and pulling of hair. Then, inspiration struck and I bought those 6 dollar needles, came home, cut the cord to size, duct taped them back together so that the length was 16 inches. It ain't pretty but it works. And the hat is already 3/4s finished. Take that world of wrong sized needles! I scoff at your attempts to stop my knitting.


Tigerlily said...

I admire your perseverence to knit. It's why we women use high heels as hammers and keys as screwdrivers, because in a pinch, we're crafty and talented, and that's what separates us from that "weaker" sex LOL.

Whaledancer said...

Hey baby, all we need to rebuild civilization after a nuclear holocaust is a coffee mug and a butter knife!! (hammer+screwdriver)