Friday, September 01, 2006

September First

It is a Friday and the sun is shining beautifully. My children are in school for the entire day so I took the opportunity to crawl back into bed this morning rather than wait for an afternoon nap. Why do I sleep so much? I have no idea but have been this way since my teens. Its like my sleep patterns got screwed up and never went back. I even remember when it began..I had to take antihistamine and decongestants for a fluid problem in my ears the summer before I began grade nine. Or maybe just after school started? I had volunteered at the Y that summer as a daycamp counsellor and while visiting my sister in the Annapolis Valley, I awoke one morning to a plugged ear. Very soon (a day or so later) the other ear was the same and I could hardly hear anything outside my head...myself I could hear very loudly in that a whisper was deafening. Sort of like when you stick your fingers in your ears. Anyhoo, doctors being so smart treated this with pills and I spent the better part of a month with a 75 percent hearing loss. During this time, the medicine made me very very sleepy so that sometimes I had to stay home in the afternoon to sleep. And thus began my love affair with sofas, beds, and pillows, and blankets and snoozing my life away. My husband thinks I am the sleepingest person he ever met and it pisses him off to no end (he often has trouble sleeping and so rarely takes a nap for fear of losing a restful nights sleep). Maybe the pills turned me into some sort of human cat.
I just finished the LONG book Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke. I bought it back when I went for my solitary trip to Nova Scotia and simply could not get into it. The other day I had nothing to read..I hate that. I mean nothing FUN or entertaining to read. When I went to get Brendan Myers book Mysteries Of Druidry from my bag I found the novel. I will take a novel over non-fiction any old day so I started again to read it and I must say it is quite good. The use of language is very interesting in that the narrative is as if someone from the 18oo's England was telling the tale, with many a side track and footnote to explain various points. It gets somewhat distracting to read fictitious footnotes in a fictitious tale but on the whole the scope of imagination was terrific and thorough. Bravo Susanna Clarke for a very original novel.
I weighed myself with trepidation yesterday and am back up PAST where I was last summer. very distressing. somewhat revolting and NO I will NOT put down this bowl of ice cream.


Askinstoo said...
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Aurora said...

I shall share that bowl of ice cream with you! Glad to hear all is well with you! I am the same way, fiction over not anyday!

Aurora said...

LOL i forgot to finish me comment! I to have a love affair with sleeping, however i am the same as your husband. If i nap, i will not sleep for like 2 days. Its really bad. Lately been averaging a total of five and a half hours sleep. Evil. I want to sleep more!