Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I blogged this weekend but it got lost in cyber space somewhere and its gone. I have no idea what it said beyond headaches and much sleeping. Possibly some wittiness but really I have no idea.
Today there is no wittiness. after all that luscious sleep on the weekend guess who COULD NOT get to sleep until after 3 am last night and woke periodically and then the kids were up at shortly before seven. Since I slept on the couch last night (because I couldn't sleep and usually that works) I didn't hear the alarm at 7 (I dozed off again after the kids were awake) and woke with a start at quarter after. Now they are gone to school and I am soooo zonked. This afternoon is sooo a naptime.
I have a load of laundry in and two loads from a few days ago folded. I took a page out of the Fly Lady book and had my kitchen sink empty and shiny clean last night so I woke to that instead of a catastrophe. That was nice. I have been trying to accomplish that at least a couple of times a week. It makes me feel good to have a cleaned and disinfected kitchen sink area as often as possible. It can get real grungy real fast and thats just an gastro intestinal upset waiting to happen.
But it is a new day and its all a mess again so what ever.
SuperNova was good last night. My favorites are Storm and Toby. Both have such a zest for life, well rounded talent, and professionalism as well as being so damn funny. Tonights 80's classics and original works. I enjoy watching the aging rockers (to be fair, it is true..they ain't crazy kids anymore) working with the singers and last nights song writing clinic with Gilby Clarke was interesting since I have done a spot of writing (for fun) . His efficiency was so cool...no ego stroking but still kind..got the job done and was always on the look out for cliched old tired lyrical traps. He summed it up very well when he made a "what are you bring to us? If you aren't bringing anything in then I don't want you" kind of statement. And thats so true. Its not enough to just be a singer and ride on the hard work (writing and arranging) of the rest of the band. Sure singing is work but so is playing the guitar etc. If you want to be an equal in the band relationship you must be able to pull your weight. Storm and Toby were the only ones that pulled their weight as song writers last night. Can't wait for tonights show.
Hey they are shooting a film about the killer whale Luna. Graham Greene is in it. Looks like it could be interesting. I was sad when Luna died last year. Luna was the very very friendly wild killer whale in BC that had a bad habit of getting in the way of boats. It was the cause of death in the end (injuries) but the idea that Luna was the reincarnation of a great chief was a lovely idea. I look forward to the dramatization starring Greene, Jason Priestly, and Adam Beach.
Bare Naked Ladies are on Canada AM tomorrow. Oh I love them sooo much. That is my favorite band of alllll time. I have enjoyed them since 1991 when Gordon was released and my coworker Tony Ring was incensed that they went "commercial" rather than staying an indie band. I have/had at least 4 of their albums but some got scratched or lost. Guess I should replace them some time. Ben is very very fond of them too and has two cds of his own (Stunt and Bare Naked For The Holidays). Remember when Toronto was having conniptions about their name???? hahahahaha good times....how the world has changed.

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