Monday, September 11, 2006


Started up again at the MPRC today. First thing I did was dust the shelves and wash the floor. It was GRrrrOoooooSSSSSSSS. Very very grubby with spill and drip marks here and there and general grubbiness. Much better when I was done.
New cat there: Little Kitty. He doesn't like me yet.
B U T !!
I met Scarlet's amazing cat Tsuki. Oh-My-Gods...gorgeous. And funny as hell. He is a biggish litten and very very very busy. Busy busy busy. If cats could be hyper he's it. Its partly kittenishness and part his breeed (Savannah cat). Absolutely an amazing wee mansy and I am smitten. Had major cuddles with Bagheera and that was awesome. Very hairy but awesome. He is a major snugglepuss.
Discussed housecleaning job with Scarlet and I think it'll work out well. The trip home today was shorter than anticipated but i don't think I'd cut it any finer than I did incase of problems in traffic. What a slow drive in places. The 15 north and 25 north in the evenings practically come to a stand still. Short cut is necessary. Scarlet's new apartment is awesome. Very bright and friendly with a yard. The feeling was so...I dunno. The other apartment was lovely but darker and laid out differently. this has more flow. THATS IT. Maybe the energy is flowing better there and making it more comfy? Could be.

Boys had a great time at Service de Garde. Happy as clams to be back.
Ok..I am pooped since I didn't sleep well last night and was up early today. Can I stay concious through CSI Miami so that I can tape Rockstar at 10?? i dunno. Might need to rig it up now.

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