Saturday, September 09, 2006

Saturday night

So today was the Melange Magique's 15th anniversary celebration and I was actually IN my car to go( I even had on make up!!!), but I stopped at the bank machine to get money for parking etc and the bank account's level sent me back home. Gotta pay for the firewood on Wednesday and I never know when a payment on something is gonna be deducted so gotta be careful. I will be in the city Monday to start up at the MPRC again and need the money for Monday's parking.
Tonight on CTV was the Saturday night comedy show..I think its called Comedy NOw...and the comedian's name was James Cunningham. I laughed hysterically. Really. I think I pee'd a little. He was so very funny.
Good news is that Bare Naked Ladies have a new album being released on Tuesday. This pleases me although I didn't buy the last album. My last album was Maroon. Or Stunt. Whichever was the latest of the two. They will be on tour (B.L.A.M tour)and hit Montreal in February and tickets go on sale this Tuesday. I will get Richard to taked out the credit card for tickets and I'd love it if we could take the kids. He says Cameron is too young and he does have a point. Ben will absolutely love it though. 9 yrs old and his first rock concert (hopefully). Sweet! I haven't been to very many actually. I never had a lot of money for over priced tickets and Halifax isn't always on a tour . I love BNLs though since 1992 and wanna go. This would be 3rd time. Fingers crossed. Gots to see the Lazadies..
Hope tomorrow is more interesting. i was super bored today. So bored I read last years Witches Calendar articles since I didn't read them while they were up on the wall. I didn't read ALL of them. Just a couple. Made me clean up my alter, put a cloth on it and burn candles and incense. Also I harvested some tomatoes again. Slugs made a mess of all my big tomatoes which has ticked me off. Much bored into fruit and split ones too. With my Principe Borghese tomatoes I have the dehydrator running again making dried tomatoes. The ones I did last week are in my fridge waiting for this batch so that I can pack them in a jar with an oil based "brine" I found in my Company's Coming preserves book.
I'm hoping I shake off this lethargy. I had to force myself to get out and pick those tomatoes. Need a kick in the ass I guess.
The comics in todays Gazette were very good. Laughed out loud twice..once to Get fuzzy..actually 3 times. Twice to Get Fuzzy and then this other strip that I've never seen before with a zebra and some sort of stupid reptiles with a wood shredder. Oh sweet Goddess I laughed. More of snickers through the nose and inhale chuckles. You know what I mean. It was was the funny papers.. kind of a 'nyuk nyuk" or "huh huh huh" laugh.
Ok...I am boring even myself so off to bed.

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